About West Port High School

  • Welcome to West Port High School, home of the Wolf Pack. West Port opened its doors to students in the year 2000 serving the southwest Ocala area. We are unique in that we are able to offer multiple magnet programs which provide a variety of choices and opportunities for our students. Our magnet programs are: the Marion County Center for the Arts (MCCA), the only visual/performing arts magnet program in Marion County, the Biomedical Science program, and the Global Logistics program. West Port also offers many other academic opportunities as well as extracurricular activities. Please read more about what we have to offer below.

    OUR VISION: An innovative center of excellence inspiring student success.

    OUR MISSION: West Port High School cultivates success in a safe environment and positive school culture which is strengthened by rigorous academics, student and teacher relationships, and supports family/community involvement.

MCCA Programs

    • Students must apply for acceptance into this program
    • 2D and 3D Art: Drawing, Painting, and Ceramics
    • Performing: Acting, Band, Chorus, Dance, Guitar, Keyboarding, Rock Band
    • Digital Animation, Photography, and Video Production
    • MCCA Webpage

AP and Engineering

    • We offer 12 Advanced Placement Courses to choose from
    • Students can earn an AP Capstone Diploma
    • Rigorous engineering program to prepare students for the field
    • Students can participate in the Robotics and Engineering clubs
    • Opportunity to earn college credit
    • Preparation for university courses
    • Engineering Webpage

School Spirit

    • West Port’s school colors are teal, black, white, and gray
    • We are the Home of the Wolf Pack
    • Our mascot is the gray wolf  
    • Our beloved Wolfie tries to get out to as many events as he can to pump up the spirit!
    • Alma Mater & Mascot Webpage

Global Logistics

    • Prepares students for entry into the logistics and supply chain industry
    • Students explore requirements of a professional logistician
    • First year students can take the Certified Logistics Assistant (CLA) exam
    • Second year students can take Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) exam
    • Global Logistics Webpage

Biomedical Program

    • Students must apply for acceptance into this program
    • Prepares students for a career in the biomedical sciences
    • Get hands-on experience with technology used by professionals in the medical industry
    • Students can take the Biotechnician exam at no charge
    • Biomedical Webpage


    • Clubs: West Port offers over 50 clubs to choose from
    • Please check the Club Webpage for more information about individual clubs
    • Clubs Webpage
    • Sports: West Port offers a wide variety of sports for males and females during the fall, winter, and spring seasons
    • Athletics Webpage

Business Partners

    • We love our business partners and community members
    • Our current business partners are: Ocala Health, Lees Chicken and The Guest House
    • We would also like to thank: College Road Baptist, Florida Credit Union, and Rhodes Graduation for their continued support of West Port High School