About Eighth Street Elementary School

  • school.jpg VISION STATEMENT

    Leading the state in school improvement.



    Eighth Street Elementary will provide a positive and enriching learning environment encouraging students and staff in continual improvement which promotes academic excellence in a safe, caring atmosphere.



    Eighth Street Elementary is a neighborhood school, housed in an historic three-story building built in 1914. During the 2000-2001 school year, Eighth Street Elementary underwent a historical preservation made possible through state grant monies secured by the 1999-2000 SAC members. During the 2001-2002 school year Eighth Street students and teachers reoccupied the newly restored school to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and rejuvenated environment promoting a positive learning environment focused on academic excellence and individual student success.


    The Eighth Street Parent Teacher Organization consistently has a very high membership of both parents and school staff. The Eighth Street School Advisory Council is fortunate to have tremendous involvement and support from parents, teachers, staff, business partners and community members. Both of these organizations play very active roles in the decision making and operation of Eighth Street Elementary School.


    The diversity of students’ learning needs adds to Eighth Street Elementary’s uniqueness. The school serves children in kindergarten through fifth grade with two pull-out and support facilitation exceptional student education classes serving students with specific learning disabilities, and a pull-out gifted classroom. The student population is diverse in composition and matches the student population diversity within our school district. This School Improvement Plan and programs at Eighth Street Elementary take the diversity of our students into account and focus on an increasing quality, integration, and inclusiveness of our curriculum to meet specific needs and abilities of each student.


    Eighth Street Elementary School receives Title I funds because more than 40% of our students are eligible for free/reduced lunch which qualifies us to participate in a School-Wide Project.  Title I is the largest federally funded program for education under the No Child Left Behind Act.  The goal of No Child Left Behind is to raise the achievement levels of ALL children to meet the state’s academic standards.  To assist us in meeting this goal, Title I funds are allocated to our school.  Title I funds may be used to offer additional instructional services as a way to enhance the academic success of all Eighth Street Elementary students.



    eagle.png Eighth Street Elementary's school colors are red and white. Our mascot is the bald eagle.




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