Curriculum Overview

  • curriculum.jpg 2020-2021

    Areas of Focus:   


    Increase Academic Proficiency for all Students 

    • Based on our 2018 FSA academic performance levels, instructional planning and alignment to the standards needs to be an area of focus again for Greenway this year, as we had 86 students receive a Level 1 and 22 retained third grade students.
      • Our instructional coaches will provide ongoing professional development on standards based instruction.
      • Leadership team members will provide additional instructional support during weekly collaborative planning sessions.


    Improve School Culture Through a Positive School-Wide Behavior Plan. 

    • Student behavior infractions increased during the 17-18 school year.
    • Last year, 76 students had an attendance average below 90%.
      • Train the staff on the Energy Bus; a positive school culture program that outlines how positive energy within a school can drive positive academic outcomes for both teachers and students by applying 10 simple principles.
      • Roll the Energy Bus out to students and parents.
      • Implement monthly Principle celebrations for both teachers and parents.