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    Welcome my Sweet families!!!  This website is an excellent resource to find information on our classroom discipline plan, class dojo, report card guidelines, testing information, homework policy and so much more. Explore and learn! If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at my school email address rachel.burrage@marion.k12.fl.us or call 352-671-7125, or text 352-479-0639



    School during Covid-19 Changes

    *Students will eat breakfast and lunch inside the classroom.

    *Everyone must wear a mask when social distancing is not possible

    * We will be sanitizing common areas often

    *Students cannot use the water fountains except to fill up containers, reusable bottles are a must!          

    *Students will not share supplies

    *Snack must be individually wrapped and brought each day

    *No group sharing of foods, which includes birthday treats

    *No visitors or volunteers until further notice


    Mrs. Burrage’s Discipline Plan

    The following goals have been established in my classroom and throughout the school to ensure a positive learning environment for all students as we SOAR about all others:

    1. Strive to do your best.
    2. Obey the rules.
    3. Achieve your goals.
    4. Respect teachers and others.


    Our rules to help us achieve the SOAR goals are:

    1. Follow all directions
    2. Be kind and Be respectful
    3. Take care of your classroom and school.

    class dojo

    Class Dojo

    Class Dojo is the fasting growing classroom management system in the country with one in every three teachers implementing the program in their classroom. Research shows that the classic "clip/color chart" is ineffective for collecting student behavior data and unsuccessful to correct or change behavior AND promote positive behaviors. My goal is to use Class Dojo to motivate my students to do the "right thing" and reward them for their positive behaviors. It also allows me to know when and why a student is not on tasking or making a good choice. It allows me to help the student more efficiently. I am ALWAYS happy to answer any questions about Class Dojo and the best part about Class Dojo is I am accessible any time right through the app.

    Sign up by following this link: 



    Report Card Guidelines

     Grades are taken for:

    • English Language Arts
    • Social Studies
    • Math
    • Science

     Within each of these subjects grades are broken down into categories and have weighted percentages.

    English Language Arts is comprised of: 

    Foundational Skills (30%) Reading Foundational skills such as phonics, grammar, and reading fluency.

    Comprehension (40%) Reading comprehension based assignments and assessments.

    Communication (30%) Writing and speaking and listening activities. 

    Social Studies is broken into:

    Performance Based Tasks (55%) assessments

    Classwork/Participation (45%


    Classwork (30%)- practice

    Assessments (50%)

    Participation (205)


    Notebook (20%)

    Classwork (30%)

    Assessments (50%)

    home learning

    Students are required to read for 20 minutes each night. Additional, optional assignments will be assigned as well. Students can read books from home, the libarary, or read on Epic (getepic.com) or through MyOn(log in through their student desktop portal). 


     Currently we are not allowing volunteers during the first semester due to Covid-10 concerns. If you would like to help from home please let me know!

    Parent Communication

    I want to work with you because you know your child best. You know what works at home and you know your child’s interests. 

    Please feel free to contact me by phone, email, or schedule a conference throughout the year.



    I look forward to having a wonderful year with you and your child.