Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Program

  • PBS at Emerald Shores Elementary

    In 2011, Emerald Shores Elementary implemented the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program.  This program provides research-based strategies and systems to increase academic performance and school safety, while at the same decreasing problem behavior. All teachers and staff members teach and model school expectations and rules, also known as the Panther Pillars of Excellence, for all areas of the school.  The Panther Pillars of Excellence are taught through role play and classroom lessons.  Every day after the Pledge of Allegiance students are reminded of the Pillars of Excellence by reciting the Panther Pledge.  Throughout the year, teachers reward positive behavior by giving students "Panther Cash."  Students can spend the "Panther Cash" on various rewards, monthly activities, and items from the school store.


    Panther Pledge

    I am a proud student at Emerald Shores Elementary where I promise to adhere to the Panther Pillars of Excellence by being Responsible, Respectful, and Ready to learn.