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    Checkout Policies

    • Kindergarten: One checkout allowed and kept in the classroom.
    • First: One checkout allowed
    • Second - Fifth: Two checkouts allowed


    Checkout is for two weeks; books may be renewed.

    We want all children to read, so please take care of books that are checked out.

    Books must be returned or paid for in order for checkouts to take place. 

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    Gift Policy

    Gifts are always appreciated. They may be added to the media center collection, given to teachers, or donated to the public library.


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    This year, we are promoting our Magical Reading Challenge!

    Each month, there is a celebration held for all those who fill their Magical Reading Logs, which represents 20 minutes of reading per night.

    Reading is fun at Emerald Shores and the Media Center is the place to be for Magical Reading Challenge Celebrations!


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    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Emerald Shores Elementary Media program is to ensure our students, teachers, staff, and parents are effective users of the various sources of information available in our Media Center. This will enable individual or group access to information and ideas, promoting life-long learning.

    We believe that we must fully align our library program with the schools' curriculum in order to increase successful learning.

    We know every child can learn, and will continue to grow, given the right tools.


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    Book Fair 

    The next Book Fair will take place February 11-15, 2019.

    The school receives a portion of the Book Fair proceeds, which allows us to purchase books for the Media Center.


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    Morning News Show


    TV Broadcast Studio - Our studio televises live announcements each morning. Student recognition is featured. Students operate the entire show with supervision from a staff member. The crew consists of anchors, camera and sound technicians, announcers, video mixer, and assistants. 

    Our morning news show will air daily at 7:45 a.m.


    Students will work on the show throughout the semester. A new crew will be recruited for the second semester, offering the opportunity for more students to be involved.

    Students learn how to use: a video camera, a switcher, a sound board, how to speak into a microphone, how to write a script, and display a professional appearance while on TV.


    The purpose of our show is to let the school know about daily and future happenings and schedules. If your class is doing something special, let Ms. Johnston or any news crew member know, and we will try to feature your class on the show!

    We look for students who have the following qualities:


    • Positive attitude
    • Responsibility
    • Teamwork
    • Good attendance
    • Good grades


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    Sunshine State Young Readers for 3rd - 5th Grades Enrichment


    The Sunshine State Young Readers are a list of fifteen books chosen each year by a committee of Florida Media Specialists. They are chosen for their quality and appeal, and represent some of the best in children's literature today.

    Students who rise to the challenge and read all fifteen SSYR books by April will be invited to attend a celebration with our Media Specialist, Mrs. Green, and vote on their favorite book. The author of the book with the most statewide votes is presented with the Sunshine State Young Readers' Award.

    SSYR Logo  


    • The Ark Plan by Laura Martin
    • The Doublecross: (And Other Skills I Learned as a Superspy) by Jackson Pearce
    • Dragons and Marshmallows by Asia Citro
    • The Great Treehouse War by Lisa Graff
    • Home Sweet Motel by Chris Grabenstein
    • I Love you, Michael Collins by Lauren Baratz-Logsted
    • Lemons by Melissa Savage
    • Lights, Camera, Cook! by Charise Mericle Harper
    • Overboard! by Terry Lynn Johnson
    • Podkin One-Ear by Kieran Larwood
    • Spirit Week Showdown by Crystal Allen
    • The Sweetest Sound by Sherri Winston
    • A True Home by Kallie George
    • Ugly Cat & Pablo by Isabel Quintero
    • Wish by Barbara O’Connor


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Media Staff

Media Center Hours

  • 7:20 am - 3:05 pm -- The Media Center is open
    7:45 am - 7:50 am -- Morning News Show