• Welcome to Mrs. Benita Smith music class at Legacy Elementary School.  I have been teaching for twenty-five years in the music field.  Presently, I am working in the Marion County School Systems here in Ocala, Fl.  In Kindergarten -2nd grades the student's will worked on singing songs of limited range appropriate to a young child voice and use their head voice.  Additionally, the students will use movement to express a feeling, idea, or a story.  The student will identify the critical elements of locomotors skills.  The students will explore the use of instruments and vocal sounds to replace or enhance specified words or phrases in children's songs, choral readings of poems and stories, and/or chants.  The student's will describe changes in tempo and dynamics within the musical works.  The music educator will show emphasis on rhythmic patterns.  In 3rd-5th grades students will participate and demonstrate rhythmic patterns, using rhythmic sticks, dancing, singing and hand movement.  The students will sing and play simple melodic patterns by ear with support from the teacher.  
    The students will use recorders and keyboards to demonstrate note values, rhythmic patterns, playing simple songs.  The student will examine and use critical thinking processes in and describe how they can be transferred their musical knowledge to other performance characteristics.  All students will classify orchestral and band instruments as strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and keyboards.  The student will sing diverse cultural music from Spain, Mexico, Africa, India, etc.  Musical vocabulary will be emphasis in every grade for appreciation of listening skills.