Curriculum Overview

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    The classroom instruction is based on the expectations identified in the Florida Standards.


    Reading - Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA)


    Math - Go Math


    Instructional Focus Calendars

    Good news! Marion County's Instructional Focus Calendars are online. You can view these PDF documents to see what your child's teachers are focusing on each month.


    The availability of an Instructional Focus Calendar is a standard practice within the district for reading, math and science. These calendars map the instruction of each benchmark and identify the window of testing for each Focus Calendar Assessment and District Benchmark Assessment. These calendars were initially mapped by teacher committees. Each spring teachers are surveyed for recommendations of improvement to the reading, math and science focus calendar. Teachers are then invited to participate in summer committee work where these recommendations are reviewed, along with the data from the calendar assessments and a draft of any adjustments is made.


     Once the calendars receive final approval they are available for download to the teacher's desktop at the start of the new school year. Assistant Principals are trained and in turn facilitate calendar implementation at their respective school sites. The expectation is that classroom instruction is planned around these calendars. The monitoring of them is achieved through Focus Calendar Assessments that have been identified for each of the targeted benchmarks and the data that monitored. 


    It is the expectation that all lesson plans and daily instructional delivery are aligned to the FL Standards and follow the Instructional Focus Calendars. By complying with district expectations, each subject area automatically aligns across grade levels as each calendar was mapped in its initial design.