Curriculum Overview

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    Content Area Specialists


    Math & Science: Ms. Charnee Bryant                                                                                       


    ELA: Ms. Tonya Epps                                                                                                                               


    The classroom instruction is based on the expectations identified in the Florida Standards.


    Legacy’s faculty and staff are proud to deliver a quality education designed to meet the needs of all students and ensure our students become self-sufficient, responsible citizens. By using the resources available at Legacy, students will be able to continue to grow academically, as demonstrated by data. 


    Literacy: Our current English Language Arts (ELA) is Amplify education Core Knowledge. Reading, grammar, and writing are combined within the Florida Standards Standards.  Science and social studies are integrated through reading during the daily ELA block.  In addition to the ELA program, we supplement instruction with I-Ready (a computer-based program) remediation and intervention.  These small group based activities and various other strategies will help our students maintain and improve in English Language Arts.  Enrichment activities are also provided for the students who excel in reading. 


    Math: Our current math adoption is GO MATH! Florida.  This series has been aligned with the Florida Standards.  Math is taught for sixty minutes each day.  In addition to the math program, we supplement our mathematics curriculum with I-Station. Teachers also utilize resources from CPALMS, the Marion County Focus Calendar, and manipulatives when teaching math and consistently teach problem solving strategies to our students. Math standards are effectively integrated throughout the curriculum daily.


    Science: The curriculum is based on the Florida Standards. Students learn through the 5 E's of Science.


    -Engage/Elicit: Object, event or question used to engage students.

    -Explore: Hands on activities, with guidance.

    -Explain: Students explain their understanding of concepts and processes.

    -Elaborate: Activities allow students to apply concepts in contexts, and build on or extend understanding and skill.

    -Evaluate/Expand: Activities permit evaluation of student development and lesson effectiveness.


    Social Studies: The curriculum is based on the Florida Standards.  Social studies is integrated through reading. Teachers use units of study to supplement the curriculum throughout the year. Students are graded by classroom assignments, tests/quizzes, and individual/collaborative projects.