Welcome to Art 20-21!


    Email: Karen.schenk@marion.k12.fl.us

    You can also call the school and leave a message (352-671-6235).

    I will be responding to all calls and emails within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.



    Monday through Friday, 11:00-1:00

    School phone: 352-671-6235, extension 55096

    Microsoft Teams, Periods 3 and 4.

    Find and submit your assignments on Microsoft Teams accessed through your MCPS Desktop.


    Grading Rubric

    Grading Art is a highly subjective endeavor. The particular bias and preferences of the viewer/grader will always be a factor in the assessment of a piece of artwork. In an effort to create a fair evaluation system for our work, we will be utilizing a grading rubric.



    Excellent (4)

    Good (3)

    Moderate (2)

    Poor (1)

    Elements and Principles

    Drawing shows considerable planning. Several preliminary sketches. Used Elements and Principles of Art effectively to create a strong composition.

    Drawing shows an adequate understanding of the Elements and Principles of Art. Evidence of some planning 

    Drawing complete but shows little evidence of planning or understanding the Elements and Principles of Art

    Drawing incomplete or if finished it shows no evidence of an understanding of the Elements and Principles of Art.

    Creativity and Originality

    Drawing finished with complete originality after thorough experimentation

    Drawing finished but not completely original. Problem solved logically and safely

    Drawing finished but with trite imagery/solution. No evidence of experimentation or originality.

    Drawing incomplete or finished with no evidence of experimentation or originality. Plagiarized work.

    Effort and Perseverance

    Class time used wisely. Much time and effort went into final project.  Student worked at home as well as at school. Went beyond requirements.

    Class time was used wisely. Student could have put in more time and effort at home. Hard work is evidenced but some details lacking.

    Project finished with minimum effort. Met minimum requirements with no extra effort. Class time was not always used wisely

    Project unfinished or completed after many prompts. Ideas, help and solutions from other classmates. Class time was not used wisely, student put in no additional effort.


    Drawing  is carefully and skillfully made. Attention to detail and finished surfaces.

    Project is finished in most aspects. Minor flaws present.

    Project is finished but somewhat messy, evidence of haste and lack of attention to detail.

    Project unfinished or finished with no attention to detail. Quickly thrown together.

    Attitude Responsibility Parameters

    Project met all requirements. Student worked enthusiastically towards group goals. Mentored others. Mature behavior.

    Project met most requirements. Student work diligently assisted with set-up and clean-up.

    Project met some requirements. Student did bare minimum. Distracted and disturbed others. Sporadic clean-up

    Project did not meet most requirements. Off task most of time. Disruptive to others/group. Waste & Careless use of materials and supplies. Immature behavior

  • August 24, 2020

    Hello all!

    Welcome back to school! I have lots of new and interesting projects to try. Covid restrictions are going to make this year different, but we will work through it together!


    If you are in 7th or 8th grade, you can pick up your sketchbook from the art room anytime, just ask your teacher for permission. If you are in 9th grade, you can email me and I will send your sketchbook to your new school. I will need your guidance counselor's name.

    Online Art

    You will need pencils, unlined paper, and a set of colored pencils. You may also use watercolor or acrylic paints if you have them. You will not be able to complete assignments if you do not have at least a set of colored pencils. Access to a printer will be beneficial. All assignments will be posted in Microsoft Teams by class period. You will need to turn in all completed work to the same place.

    In-school Art

    You will need pencils everyday. You will use a sketchbook everyday. If you are not able to obtain a sketchbook, you will need to make one, using a duo-tang folder and plain, unlined paper. You may keep your sketchbook with you, but you will need it everyday you are in art class. If you do not wish to share materials with other classes, you will need your own set of colored pencils, watercolors, and markers. I will let you know ahead of time what materials we will be using in class.