Belleview Middle School Music

  • Welcome to the 20-21 school year. With all the changes and questions that you have the frist thing you need to do is watch the BSM orientation video. If you have not seen it yet click this link. Orientation

    As you can imagine there will be some changes this year. I have listed many of them below. You should also click on your specific class to view the syllabus and other specific information to get you started. I will be using TEAMS many different activities this year so once you have access you should start becoming familiar with that platform. For those of you the were on google classroom with me last spring I will stop using that once classes begin.

    I have listed some of the major changes below. 

    • Everyone will sit 6 feet apart. The band room can hold 20 students at this distance.
    • Everyone will wear masks. Even with social distancing the amount we inhale and exhale is much greater than general talking so we will have that extra step in place.
    • Choir and Percussion students will be required to wear a mask. All band students will be given a specail mask that has a slit that mouthpieces can fit through so you can still play. In addition the bells of all brass and most woodwind instruments will also be covered. Those covers will also be provided. 
    • To make the online band class fit into the schedule the percussion class is being merged into Advanced Brass.
    • Percussion students should have their own pair of drums sticks and xylophone mallets so we do not have to share equipment.
    • Concerts cannot happen with proper social distancing so there are not performance or after school activities scheduled until after Thanksgiving. I will re-evaluate the future performances as we go.
    • Since there are no large concerts to work toward for a while we are going to focus much more on individual or small group playing. There will be a lot of solo, duet, trio work instead.
    • Our performances will feature mostly small group work instead of full band and will be uploaded into a specific channel on TEAMS for everyone in the class to view. 
    • All music resources and assignments are going to be posted TEAMS. This gives us easy access to materials and the ability to instantly switch to online learning if necessary.

    I know this does not look like normal band or choir but my focus is still going to be on giving each student the chance to enjoy making music and constantly improving themselves. 

     Please email or message me with any questions. I am looking forward to seeing everyone next week. 

    Nick Readon

     band room