Mr. Ness


    All about me:

    My family, wife Donna and two sons Zach and Brendan, moved to Ocala Florida from the Chicagoland area in Jan. of 2006. At that time I began my career at Belleview Middle School as a member of the non-instructional staff. With the encouragement of my wife and the teachers I worked with I went back to school to complete me degree in education.

    I graduated from The University of Central Florida with a degree in education In 2010.  At that time I transitioned from a non-instructional staff member to a instructional faculty position teaching 6th grade math. I taught math until the 15'-16' school year when I switched to a combination of World History and Critical Thinking/Robotics classes.

    Currently, my Wife Donna teaches kindergarten at Belleview Santos Elementary School. My son Zach graduated from Forest High School and Brendan is a 8th grader here at BMS. When not at school, I enjoy watching baseball, especially Brendan while he plays for the Ocala Thoroughbreds, a local travel ball team.