Welcome to Reading!

  • Welcome to Reading!  Reading classes cover skills in all areas of reading. The Read 180 program will be used in combination with other materials designed to improve the use of reading strategies and skills.  Students are formally and informally assessed using the FSA reading test, Marion County Assessment of Basic Skills, exams, and other appropriate assessments.  The programs we are using are research based and have been very successful in helping students achieve success in reading. (You will find the reading syllabus on this page and under course information. I have also include my email address on this page if you have anyquestions.) :) 


    In class syllabus:

    Reading Syllabus

    Online Syllabus and expectations:

    Reading Syllabus

    Teams Exceptions for Students


    Spanish Reading Syllabus and Teams Expectations:

    Spanish Reading Syllabus

    Spanish Teams Expectations


    How to log in to Microsoft Teams:


    How to log in to Read 180 (HMH):

    You will need to log in to your student portal and look for the HMH central icon. Click on the icon, then log in using your student number/lunch number for the username and password. 

    Read 180 Log in


    E-mail: miriam.lopez@marion.k12.fl.us 


    The  Read 180:   

    Real Book