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  • Please go to the Google Classroom for this class for any assignments. If you have any difficulties, please e-mail me at my school e-mail (robert.lindstrom@marion.k12.fl.us).

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    NEW ASSIGMENTS FOR APRIL 6-10 HAVE BEEN POSTED IN GOGGLE CLASSROOM. Please make sure you have completed the quiz in Skyward for last weeks assignments by the end of today.

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  • Tuesday, March 31

    On this page you will be finding the framework for the assignments for U.S. History for each week week. Normally, I will be posting this on Monday mornings. The assignments can be located on the classwork tab. There will be assignements that are MANDATORY which means they will be for a grade or have information that you will have to read to complete the assignments. Other materials will be optional. They will be provided for you get a better understanding of the materials. This will include things like powerpoints, youtube videos, and links to places like Khan Academy and Edpuzzle.

    Please understand, that all this is new to all of us. I am not tring to kill you with work. Frankly, after 27 years of teaching I am a little lost myself. We will get through this together.

    1. MANDATORY Read your textbook Module 16, Lessons 1 and 2 only (pages 508-515)...see classwork section for a copy of the book if you cannot access it through your student portal.
    2. MANDATORY Complete the review questions for 16- 1 and 2 and submit them in google classroom.
    3. MANDATORY In Skyward complete the Module 16- 1 and 2 Quiz. This quiz will closely align with the review question is #2 above.
    4. OPTIONAL Check out the materials for 16-1 and 2.

    if you have any questions, please e-mail or call me at school (671-6235)

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  • Hi everyone,
    I want to share some of what is going on at school. Today, was the teachers first day back at school. We finalized grades for the 3rd quarter and began discussions with our grade/subject teachers (Mr. Cuebas, Ms. Maguire, and Mrs. Lindstrom) about what school was "distant learning" was going to look like.

    We are faced with many uncertainties and challenges during this time as teachers, students, and families. we have been given guidelines by the county regarding distant learning. Please know that I will not try to overload you with assignments. I know that many of you will be sharing on-line resources with your family and will not have access to computer time for long chunks of time. On the other hand, some of you may have your own computers and not have to share with other members of your family.

    Here is my plan for my class for the forseeable future. Lists of ALL your assignments will be posted in two places: on the class website calendar and in Google Classroom. You will have to access these sites through your student portal. Certain assignments will be MANDATORY (you have to do them!). These assignments will be graded and entered into Skyward as your 4th quarter grades. These are the bare minimal that you have to do. Other assignments will be posted as ENRICHMENT exercises. These will include videos, my famous powerpoints, edpuzzle and quizzizz among other things that I am just now learing about. Enrichment exercises are optional but may add to greater understanding of the mandatory assignments i mentioned earlier.

    DISTANT LEARNING WILL BEGIN ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1. Please make sure you have signed up for google classrooms before Wednesday. The class code for regular classes (period 1,2,3,and 6) is 224yfkc. The class code for advanced classes (periods 4 and 5) is vydwmns

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