Welcome to Culinary Arts!

  •  Welcome to the world of food!  Please click on the Calendar link to the left to see what fun things we are doing in Culinary I and Culinary II for each day.  You will need to sign into Teams to get the assignments, instructions and lessons.   


      This is probably your first food and nutrition class, but you already know a lot about this topic.  You have years of experience enjoying food -  you know which foods you like best!  By now, you may have baked some cookies or helped prepare the family dinner.  You are something of an expert already! There is still so much to learn, though.  This course will help you become more comfortable in the kitchen, more familiar with ingredients and utensils and you'll gain an appreciation for the world of culinary careers! 

  • "I dont understand what I am supposed to do ?!?!"

     - don't stress, email me for assistance!  I will be checking my emails from 8:00 - 2:00 and will get back with you as soon as I can.   If you want to talk  and hear my voice, let me know that in your email and I will call you.

    Mrs. Frye

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