•  GREETINGS NEW 20-21 6th grade Panthers! 

    @  I'm SO happy to be back at school, ready to take on new challenges and smooth out our transition back from - THE SPRING BREAK THAT NEVER ENDED!!  LOL

    @  I hope ALL of you will join me in making your BEST effort to take on the new challenges WE ALL FACE - We are ALL in this together!


    @  PLEASE click on each informational topics to the left sidebar and read/watch the information provided so you will be PREPARED and INFORMED!


      A little about me...

    @  Married - 36 years to Mike

    @  2 children - Michelle (32) and Brandon (22)

    @  Resident of Belleview for about 19 years

    @  2 cats inside - Percy and Rumbles AND 1 cat outside - Biscuit

    @  LOVE all animals and nature shows/videos

    @  LOVE to laugh

    @  LOVE chocolate... Russell Stover especially

    @  I am patient - it takes ALOT to annoy me!

    @  I am a good listener

    @  I am fairly tech savvy - due to past job experience in banking,

    manufacturing, paper sales distribution and Associates degree from CF in Office Management


    me                                                               We are ALL in this together!

    Mrs. Bissonette

    EMAIL:  susan.bissonette@marion.k12.fl.us

    Phone:  352.671.6235 x55050