Madison Street Academy of Visual and Performing Arts is a magnet school focused on integrating the arts and academics. We provide an enhanced fine arts program that includes two-and three dimensional art, chorus, instrumental strings, and dance. Spanish is also provided for all students in kindecurriculum rgarten through 5th grade. Our academic programs are in compliance with the Florida Sunshine State Standards. Our students are expected to maintain high levels of academic excellence and are assessed regularly with the Focus Calendar Assessments, teacher tests, unit tests, and standardized tests. We also provide remediation for those students who need extra support with their academic achievement. Our classroom teachers use Fastmath, FCAT Explorer, Accelerated Reader, the Orchard Program, and other supplementary materials. In addition, students are enrolled in our Successmaker program based upon their FCAT scores in reading and mathematics.





    Literacy Leadership Team (LLT)

    Each grade level team of teachers elects one member to be on the Literacy Leadership Team. Additionally two teachers from the among the Special Area teaching staff (art, drama, music, Spanish, technology, dance and physical education, gifted, and the media specialist) are automatically members of the LLT. The school principal is the chair of the LLT. Other school staff members are invited to meetings as the LLT deems necessary. 


    MSA's faculty and staff are proud to deliver a quality education designed to meet the needs of all students and ensure our students become self-sufficient, responsible citizens. By using the resources available at MSA, students will be able to continue to grow academically, as demonstrated by data.


    Reading: Every week 1st through 5th grade teachers use the FCAT Weekly Assessment that is part of the McMillan McGraw Hill Treasures Reading Series that was implemented this year. These tests are broken into several specific skills so that the teachers can identify strengths and weaknesses after eachreading week of teaching from the core reading program. Students also have weekly fluency drills from this reading series as well to identify those that need extra daily fluency practice and monitor all on their perspective grade level. Students in 3rd – 5th grade also take the District Benchmark Progress Monitoring Assessment in reading 3 to 4 times per year and 2nd graders take this 2 times per year in order for teachers to identify specific strands in reading that are strengths and weaknesses for their students. Focus Calendar Assessments for specific reading benchmarks are given at various times throughout the year according to the district Focus Calendar. FAIR (Florida Assessment in Reading) is administered 3 times per year to also monitor literacy progress.

    Math: The District Benchmark Progress Monitoring Assessment is administered in the area of math 3 to 4 times per year for 3rd – 5th grade and 2 times for 2nd grade. Teachers use this assessment to identify specific strands in math that are strengths or weaknesses. 3rd – 5th grade students participate in Acaletics Math and there are different pre/post as well as comprehensive assessments given throughout the year for the teachers to use to assist them in guiding their instruction in order to meet the individual needs of every student. Focus Calendar Assessments for specific math benchmarks are given at various times throughout the year according to the district Focus Calendar