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Gillian Davis-Tait Student Services Manager Gillian.Davis-Tait@marion.k12.fl.us
Monica Arrington Student Services Manager Monica.Arrington@marion.k12.fl.us
  • Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year here at Sunrise Elementary.



    Sunrise Elementary will be participating in the Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBS) program. This program rewards students who display positive actions on a daily basis.  Some of the behaviors include: being prepared for school, arriving at school on time, completing homework and school work, and/or respecting adults and peers.

    Through the PBIS program, we hope to reduce student misbehavior while increasing student learning.



    There is no place where students reveal their manners or reflect on the training they have received at home more so than in the lunchroom. We urge all students to use the cafeteria as a pleasant place to talk quietly, relax and enjoy their lunch. 

    We believe the following guidelines will help:

    1. Raise your hand if you need something.
    2. Talk softly to others at your table.
    3. Always obey the lunchroom assistants.
    4. Food may not be shared, for health and safety reasons.
    5. Students who bring lunch from home are encouraged to bring a nutritious and filling meal. The Sunrise cafeteria does not provide candy or carbonated drinks for students and parents are asked not to include these items in their child’s lunchbox. 
    6. Follow dismissal directions.



    Sunrise takes pride in being a school that focuses on character education as well as academics. Our "Shark Teeth" program focuses on positive behavior rather than the negative. The positive actions of students are rewarded and, as a result, we have a school that often serves as a model for others to follow.

    From time to time, it becomes necessary to discipline children for misbehavior. All teachers are responsible for putting in place a classroom management procedure that will enhance the opportunity for learning to take place for all students.



    The following interventions will be used to correct student behavior:

    1. Verbal correction
    2. Private conference with the student
    3. Change seat
    4. Behavior contract
    5. Parent contact
    6. Refer to guidance
    7. Time out
    8. Conference with Dean

    NOTE: Teachers are not limited to nor required to use all steps before writing a discipline referral.



    A student’s failure to respond to the attempts by the teacher and parents to change or correct misconduct will result in a discipline referral being written and the student sent to the Dean’s office. Sunrise will follow the Marion County Code of Student Conduct for Elementary Schools when a child is sent to the office for disciplinary reasons.

    NO TOLERANCE BEHAVIORS result in an immediate referral

    1. Fighting
    2. Blatant disrespect
    3. Drugs, weapons, alcohol
    4. Willful disobedience/defiance
    5. Sexual Harassment
    6. Bullying


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