• Sunrise students' library books may
    now be dropped off at the school when you
    pick up your child's belongings on their
    scheduled drive through pick up date.



Sunshine State Book Voting


    Thank you to all that voted! 

    Our school winner is.....


     The state winner is......
    State Winner

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  • Most Minutes Read Per Grade Level

    week of May 18- May 24


      Jaiden D. in Ms. Torres's class 

     1st grade 

     Tayla F. in Ms. Ortiz's class

     2nd grade   

      Brooke P. in Ms. Johnson's class

     3rd grade  

      Chrissy C. in Ms. Whitaker's class

     4th grade

      Dantae R. in Ms. Kafka's class

    Largest increase in Lexile Level

    week of May 18- May 24


     Angel T. in Ms. Newman's class

     1st grade

     Leondra W. in Ms. Secunda's class

     2nd grade 

     Gianna R. in Ms. Johnson's class

     3rd grade

     Janyla M. in Ms. Colon's class

     4th grade

     Myalyn D. in Ms. Douyard's class


Eye on Reading

  • Send me a picture of your child reading or one of you reading with them. 

    Include a sentence telling something the book was about or
    telling me what they liked about the book. 

    Show the title of the book in the picture or write it in the sentence. 

    I will post the pictures on the Sunrise Media Center web page.

    The Honeybee:  "This was about how bees make honey." 



    reader 3 Green Eggs & Ham:  "This was
    my favorite book to read because
    the words rhyme and I like how it sounds when I read it."

    Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan


Sunrise takes 2nd place in the state media festival

  • Sunrise takes 2nd place in the state at the
    Jim Harbin Student Media Festival for our news show video.  

    2nd place in state

    The morning show crew and video club had 2 videos which  
    placed in the 2018-2019 Marion County Student Media Festival!

Our theme this year: Reading is Sweet!

  • Reading is Sweet