Discipline Office

  • Student Services Manager, Dossella Elder

    Shady Hill Elementary School Student Services Manager, Dossella Elder



    Shady Hill takes pride in being a school that focuses on character education as well as academics. We focus on the positive behavior rather than the negative. The positive actions of students are rewarded and as a result we have a school that often serves as a model for others to follow. All of our staff are delighted to reward the children when they are observed doing good things. This is called PBIS. It is a research based behavioral strategy that we use to reward children for displaying desired behaviors. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions & Support and operates on the premise of improving social, emotional and academic outcomes for ALL students.

    Students earn Colt cash when they are observed demonstrating our school wide expectations. Our expectations for our students are that they: do what is right, do their best, and treat others the way they want to be treated. When students earn Colt cash they have an opportunity to use it to purchase some great items in our school store

    From time to time though it becomes necessary to discipline children for misbehavior. All teachers are responsible for putting in place a classroom management procedure that will enhance the opportunity for learning to take place for all students.



    The following interventions will be used to correct student behavior before further steps are taken:

    1. Parent Contact
    2. Verbal Correction
    3. Private Conference with Student
    4. Seat Change
    5. Behavior Contract
    6. Time Out
    7. Conference with Dean

    NOTE: Teachers are not limited to nor required to use all steps before writing a discipline referral.


    A student’s failure to respond to the attempts by the teacher and parents to change or correct misconduct will result in a discipline referral being written and the student sent to the Dean’s office. Shady Hill will follow the Marion County Code of Student Conduct for Elementary Schools when a child is sent to the office for disciplinary reasons.



    Blatant disrespect

    Drugs, weapons, alcohol

    Willful disobedience/defiance