Welcome to Mrs. Kidney's 2nd Grade

  • Sure do MISS you!. Hope everyone is well and hope to see you soon.  We are starting a new adventure into Diigital Learning. As we begin, please make sure you are ready for our adventure to continue building our brains. All your assignments can be found on your Google Classroom. Attached you will see instructions on how to get to Google Classroom. You will have required assignments for Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. You are also required to read for 20 minutes independently or with a family member daily and i-Ready for 45 minutes a week in each subject, Reading and Math. If you have any questions please message or DoJo: e-mail, 352-465-6700 (Ext. 35037). Also, my available hours to be called are 9:00-10:00 and 1:00-2:00: alternate number during these times (not school #) is 352-405-0907.


    You will have assignments for Specials as follows:

    Each week click on the link for Specials and complete assignment each week.

    Week 1  Music

    Week 2 P.E.

    Week 3 Art


    Remember to sign in under your childs log in.

     Log In Instructions

    Log In Instructions Spanish

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Kidney




    Students & families, Thank you so much for all of your hard work that you have completed so far. Great job!  I understand it has been somewhat of a challenge but we are capable of doing it! Our goal is to get the students to keep learning and complete the assignments. Thank you for all your support!

    Students can earn Dojo points for the following:
    *Completing i-ready time "Reading" (45min) = 1pt
    *Completing i-ready time "Math" (45min) = 1pt
    *ELA task turned in =1pt
    *Math task turned in =1pt
    *Social Studies task turned in =1pt
    *Science task turned in = 1pt
    *Checking in every morning= 1pt
    *Everything for the week = 5pt

    Thank you for your patience in starting this adventure with me.

    Miss you!

    Mrs. Kidney


    Hi everybody. Hope this message finds you well. Just want to say thank you to EVERYBODY for the support and hard work this week. I believe we have done a great job. A few reminders: remember to Dojo me every morning before 8:30 to let me know you will be learning that day, contact information is on Teacher Web page and Dojo, and be proud of your work. Also, thank your parents, they do ALOT! Week 2 assignments will be posted to start on Monday so have a GREAT weekend. Keep up the good work and read a book.

    Miss you!

    Mrs. Kidney