Student Services



    We have a student run television program which is run by fourth and fifth grade students. Our studio televises live announcements Monday through Friday beginning at 7:45 am. Student recognition is featured. Students operate the entire show with supervision from the Media Specialist. The crew consists of anchors, camera and sound technicians, announcers, video mixer, and assistants.


    School improvement funds are used to provide remedial programs to non-proficient reading students after school. Evergreen also participates in Extended Learning, in which an extra hour is added to the school day. This program generally begins in January and ends in April.


    We also offer several enrichment clubs for varying periods of time during the year.


    We open our reading lab  to level 2 students before school for remedial reading and remedial math. The instructional computer lab is open to students before school to participate in the Accelerated Reading program. Students in grades 3-5 who need enrichment in reading are able to utilize the KidBiz3000 program at home to extend their skills in reading non-fiction materials. Our tutorial program will offer Read Naturally, Voyager and SuccessMaker with the goal of having no level 1 or 2 students at the time of testing in the spring.