Welcome To Ms. Wise's 6th Grade Language Arts Classes!

  • Hello and welcome to my page. I teach Language Arts classes for 6th grades this includes advanced.  One great tool I use for my classes is Class Dojo.  It is a great communication tool for parents and teachers.  If you sign up, and you never go back onto the site, Class Dojo will send you an email once a week automatically that will update you on your student's positive or negative and academic behaviors in class otherwise you can go on as often as you like.  I can and do send messages to you once you're connected  and vice versa.  Invitations for sign up were sent home during week 1 but if you have not signed up yet and would like to please either call or email me and I'll give you your parent code or you can give me your email address and I will send a personal invite to you.  Below you will find my syllabus and class schedule.  Once again Welcome! Feel free to contact me with any questions.

    My Class Schedule

    1st - Language Arts

    2nd -Language Arts Advanced

    3rd - Planning

    4th - Language Arts

    5th - Language Arts Advanced

    6th - Language Arts

    7th - Language Arts Advanced


    My Class Syllabus

    Language Arts 6th Grade - Syllabus



    Cynthia R Wise





    Office Hours



    Building 6 Room 2


     S.A.V.E. PROMISE CLUB ADVISOR (Mtgs every other Tuesday starting with 8/20/2019)*cancelled until further notice.



    Students will be using a Collections textbook in class  and Collections book is available online 24/7.  In addition to these, students will be required to check out novels from the class and library throughout the year.





    Goals and Objectives:

    • To inspire creativity and innovation.
    • To teach college, workplace, and life skills.
    • To help you learn how to communicate and collaborate with others.
    • To develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.
    • To increase Information, technology, and media literacy.
    • To ultimately make quantifiable gains in reading achievement.


    Required Supplies:

    • College ruled paper
    • Two highlighters (different colors)
    • Black and/or regular blue pens and pencils
    • Post its/sticky notes


    Policies & Procedures:

    General Class Rules:

    • Be on time (in your seat before the bell rings)
    • Be prepared (all class items should be with you EVERYDAY including your planner) 
    • Be respectful (don’t talk while others are & keep your hands and feet to yourself)
    • Be responsible (do your work and homework and be accountable for what you do) 

     No red pen use unless instructed to do so.  All rules will be firmly upheld as to maximize time on task.



    We use CLASS DOJO as one of our tools for class behavior.  Students earn both positive and negative points for behavior displayed during class.  For all negative behavior this will serve as your warning and notification to your parent or a phone call will be made.  Next will be a class detention and last will be an office referral.  Any physical altercation or blatant verbal attack as stated in the student code of conduct will forgo these steps and result in immediate referral. All positive behavior can earn rewards in many ways as well. Rewards for positive behavior will be awarded whole class, groups and individuals.  The class at the end of each semester with the most positive points will earn a “Class Break” which will be 15minutes of relaxed group think time with refreshments.  Class groups that earn the most positive points at the end of a project or presentation will receive DMS Dollars.  The individual from each class with the most positive points at the end of the 9 weeks will have their name entered into a drawing for a gift bag full of goodies!

    Attendance/Class Participation:

    Regular and punctual class attendance is expected.  It is important to attend class and participate in class discussions and activities. Numerous studies have shown that those who attend class do better than those who don’t.

    Late/Make up Work

    Late work turned in not associated with an absence will not receive full credit and will not be accepted one week after due date.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any and all missing work due to an absence during any of my planning hours or after class not during class.  The student will have one day for each excused absence day up to five (5) days to turn in all make up work except in extenuating circumstances and arrangements have been  made with the teacher for more time.  Not all class activities can be made up, as they require direct participation by the student.



    Grading Scale as determined by the district:


    100-90 = A


    89- 80 = B


    79- 70 = C


    69- 60 = D


    59-0 =F




    Weighted Grades:

     Homework 10%

    Class/Daily Assignments/Quizzes 50%

    Tests/Projects/Presentations 40%


    (Due to Covid-19 4th qtr grades are 50% classwork and 50% Tests/Projects for 2020)

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