Ms. Steagald's 6th Grade Mathematics



    Welcome to Dunnellon Middle School

    Dunnellon Middle School

    6th Grade Mathematics Syllabus

    Teacher: Ms. Steagald

    Dear students and parents,

                    Welcome to an exciting year at Dunnellon Middle School. I look forward to teaching our new 6th graders and creating an engaging classroom throughout the year. We will be teaching mathematics using the Digits program which offers a number of interactive resources online, and in the classroom. Students will have access to these materials at school and at home using the internet on their computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Extra resources will also be provided for those without internet access at home. This year will be a very important milestone in learning mathematics; never the less we will all be making the best and most efficient use of our time together.


    Textbook: The students will have access to the Digits textbook on-line By going into their student portal.  Click on the e-textbook tab at the bottom of the page.  This will take you to their on-line text books.  Look for Pearson Realize.  Homework helper textbooks will also be provided. (2 volumes)



    Weight Percentages



    Classwork, and Quizzes


    Tests or Projects



    A 90-100

    B 80-89

    C 70-79

    D 60-69

    F 0-59

    Students will recieve a 50 for any incomplete assignments.


    Necessary materials:

    • Mechanical Pencils or #2 Pencils
    • Notebook Paper (Wide or College Ruled)
    • 6 Pronged Duo Tang Folders with pockets 
    • Hand Held Pencil Sharpener
    • Colored Pencils and Markers
    • Graph Paper


    Expectations: Every student is expected to come into the classroom with a positive attitude. All students will respect one another, the teachers and the faculty. Students need to come prepared to class every day and work during the whole class. Participation in class activities is crucial in the learning process. They will need to bring their 1Duo Tang Folder, mechanical pencil, notebook paper and spiral notebook to class every day!


    Contact Information: I can be reached best by email:

    The school’s phone number is: (352) 465-6720

    The school website is:

    My class website will be accessible through the DMS website listed above, as well as my email.

    Student access to Digits website: Students can access their text book by logging into their student portal.  At the bottom of their homepage is a tab that says e-books.  Click on the e-book tab and all on-line books are listed.  Click on Pearson Realize for the on-line math book.



    Course Overview: We will be working in the Digits program in the following order:

    Unit 0: Which is not in their text book.  It is a review from 5th grade.

    Unit 1:  Operations with Decimals

    Unit 2:  Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

    Unit 3:  Ratios and Rates

    Unit 4:  Data Analysis

    Unit 5:  Expressions

    Semester 1 Review and Testing

    Unit 6:  Equations and Inequalities

    Unit 7:  Geometry

    Unit 8:  Integers and Rational Numbers

    Unit 9:  Operations of Integers

    Grade 6 FSA Testing

    Unit 10:  Algebraic Readiness

    Semester 2 Review and Testing