Ms. Steagald's 6th Grade World History



    Welcome to Dunnellon Middle School

    *Please make note that I am giving 2 assignments every Monday and that they need to be submitted to me by the next Monday.



    Week 1-Chapter 7 Guided Reading Activity Lesson 1-Ancient Greeks

    Week 2-Chapter 7 The Ancient Greeks Vocabulary Builder

                Chapter 7-1 Quiz

    Week 3-Chapter 7 Guided Reading Activity Lesson 2 Sparta and Athens City-States

                Chapter 7-2 Quiz

    Week 4- 4-Chapter 7 Guided Reading Activity Lesson 3 Greece and Persia

                 Chapter 7-3 Quiz

    Week 5- Chapter 7 Guided Reading Activity Lesson 4 Glory, War and Decline,

                 Chapter 7-4 Quiz         

    Week 6-Economics of History Activity

                Geography and History Activity

                Chapter 7 Test

    Week 7-Greek Civilization-Vocabulary Builder Activity

                Greek Civilization-Guided Reading -Lesson 1-Greek Culture

    Week 8-Greek Civilization-Lesson Quiz 8-1

                Greek Civilization-Guided Reading-Lesson 2-The Greek Mind

    Week 9-Greek Civilization Lesson Quiz 8-2

                Greek Civilization Lesson Quiz 8-3

                Greek Civilization-Chapter 8 Test, Traditional (Only Complete problems 1-20) 





    How to Complete and Submit Assignments:


    Students:  1.  Log Onto your student portal.

                    2.  At the bottom of your home page select e-text books.

                    3.  Course Schedule Box will appear, Select Course Schedule.

                    4.  Select your World History Text Book.

                    5.  Launch your Text Book.

                    6.  Select My Assignments Tab.

                    7.  Select the Weekly Assignment you want to complete.

                    8.  Read the Instruction Box.

                    9.  Go below the the instruction box to the Resourse Box this is where you will find your assignments.


                  11.  I have given extra resources for extra help if needed.  They are not for a grade.

             *   12.  Only complete the assignments i gave in the instructions box.

                  13.  Select the tool box on the assignment itself and download the assignment.

                  14.  Complete the assignment and SAVE IT TO YOUR COMPUTER.

                  15.  Find my e-mail address on the Dunnellon Middle School Home Page.

                  16.  There's a paper clip at the bottom of the e-mail.  Select the paper clip to send an attachment.

                  17.  You will be asked to browes your files for the document you want to send.

                  18.  Select the document or documents you wish to send. Yes you can send more than 1 document. 

                  19.  Repeat paper clip steps to send more than 1 document.

                  20.  Select Send.  Please make sure to put your name on your assiignments.

            *    21.  I suggest taking a picture of your complete assignments for Back-Up.  I have had students complete their work and                        when they send it, for what ever reason it's a blank assignment and they have to do it again.  If you cannot send it                          the way mentioned above, Please Take a Picture and send it to me that way.  Do what ever is Easiest for You! 

                 22.  Please know that I am here to help.  Call me at 352-462-3345 or e-mail me at 







    Dunnellon Middle School

    6th Grade World History

    Teacher: Ms. Steagald

    Dear students and parents,

                    Welcome to an exciting year at Dunnellon Middle School. I look forward to teaching our new 6th graders and creating an engaging classroom throughout the year. I will be teaching World History using A History of the World textbook, which offers a number of interactive resources online, and in the classroom. Students will have access to these materials at school and at home using the internet on their computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Extra resources will also be provided for those without internet access at home. This year will be a very important milestone in learning World History; never the less, we will all be making the best and most efficient use of our time together.



    Weight Percentages



    Classwork, and Quizzes


    Tests or Projects



    A 90-100

    B 80-89

    C 70-79

    D 60-69

    F 0-59

    I do not give zeros unless a student is putting forth No Effort.  Otherwise, students will recieve a 50 for any incomplete assignments.


    Necessary materials:

    • Mechanical Pencils or #2 Pencils
    • Blue or Black Pens
    • Notebook Paper (Wide or College Ruled)
    • 6 Pronged Duo Tang Folders with pockets 
    • Hand Held Pencil Sharpener
    • Colored Pencils and Markers


    Course Description:

    The objective of this class is to promote World History curiosity and literacy.  Students will gain knowledge of the concepts and principles of World History.  Ancient civilizations had amazing feats, among them were building huge temples, inventing writing and discovering the planets.  Technology, science, education, literature and all other fields build on what people did long ago.  Students will further develop their skills of analysis and logical thinking.  Classes will be encouraged to appreciate the need for accuracy while keeping an open mind.



    Expectations: Every student is expected to come into the classroom with a positive attitude. All students will respect one another, the teachers and the faculty. Students need to come prepared to class every day and work during the whole class. Participation in class activities is crucial in the learning process. They will need to bring their binder, mechanical pencil or pen, notebook paper and agenda planner to class every day!

    Classroom Rules:

    1.  Be Respectful.

    2.  Raise your hand to be recognized.

    3.  Follow directions the 1st time asked.

    4.  Electronics must be off and in your backpack.

    5.  No GUM!

    6.  Students are encouraged to use the restroom before/after class.  Emergencies and medical issues are exceptions.

    7.  The teacher, not the bell, will dismiss class.


    Contact Information: I can be reached best by email:

    The school’s phone number is: (352) 465-6720

    The school website is:

    My class website will be accessible through the DMS website listed above, as well as my email.


    Textbook: Discovering Our Past:  A History of the World, Early Ages

    Student access to on-line textbook website: Students can access their text book by logging into their student portal.  At the bottom of their homepage is a tab that says e-books.  Click on the e-book tab.  Next, click on the box that says course schedule and all on-line text books are listed.  Click on the text book for World History and you will be on your way.



    Course Overview: We will be working in the  World History book in the following order:

    First Quarter:  Stone Age, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Kush and Africa

    Second Quarter:  Israelites, India

    Third Quarter:  China, Greece

    Fourth Quarter:  Rome, Christianity, Mesoamerica





  • Students and parents , please know that you may contact ESE support facilitators with questions and help with any assignment.  They are Mrs. McConnell at, Mr. Robinson at, and Ms. Brown at  Also, note that accommodations for most students are not unique.  Extra time, having directions clarified, verbal encouragement, small group for testing, etc.  should be possible in the home setting also.  Please contact your teacher for clarifications.  You will also be contacted by an ESE teacher to implement a Distance Learning Plan and Log developed by Marion County that will also assist your student with additional support through ESE teachers

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