Welcome to Language Arts class.

  •          I am Mr. Lewandowski, and I am excited to enter into yet another successful school year here at DMS.  This year, in both the seventh and eighth grade language arts classes, we will focus on expository and persuasive writing, as well as improving reading comprehension and fluency.  English Language Arts class is the study of reading/analyzing nonfiction texts and literature, writing clearly and concisely, and acquiring a more expansive vocabulary.  Students will enhance reading skills and improve word knowledge.  They will utilize reading strategies to evaluate fiction and nonfiction texts.  Writing skills will improve as students write for a variety of purposes.  The writing will focus on expanding vocabulary development and correct grammar usage in written products.  Students will also demonstrate appropriate presentation skills, as well as listen to, view, and evaluate information.




    My class schedule is as follows: 


    1st Period - Language Arts Grade 8

    2nd Period - Language Arts Grade 7

    3rd Period - Language Arts Grade 8

    4th Period - Language Arts Grade 7

    6th Period - Language Arts Grade 7

    7th Period - Language Arts Grade 8


  • Typically, students will be given the weekly homework assignment every Wednesday.  It is due the next day.

    Students will write down the weekly vocabulary terms every Tuesday, and they'll study the spellings and definitions throughout the week.  Utilizing the website www.spellingcity.com is an entertaining, effective way to study the terms.  The weekly vocabulary tests will be taken on Fridays.

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