Art K - 5

  • ART   for the weeks of 5-11-2020(K,1st), 5-18-2020(2nd,3rd), 5-25-2020(4th,5th) 


    All grade levels will find their Guided drawing assignments at artforkidshub.  There are 3 ways to access this site:

    1.  Login using the id:    password:  Tom7747 (make sure that the T is uppercase)

         When you login, ignore the message to go to  You are already in and all you need to do is type the drawing name in the SEARCH bar and hit enter on  your  keyboard. 

         ( I find this the simplest site to navigate. )

    2.     Login using id:  password  fido3136   

          You can either click search and type in the name of the drawing or scroll down to MY LIST and the drawings are saved there.

           (This is their new site and I find it can be glitchy.)

    3.    You tube     Type artforkidshub in the search bar and you will get a selection of drawings.  You can also type the name of the drawing in the You tube search bar and           most of   them will come up. Not all of them are on You tube.   In this case substitute something that is close.  For example jellyfish won,t come up but you can draw Narwahl.  


     Whatever works best for you is fine even if you make substitutions.


    I ask that you complete 2 drawings on the week that you have Art as your special.  These are guided drawings following the video to complete your drawing.  You can follow the video at your own pace by stopping and starting.  Choose from the three drawings from the grade level selections and/or pick one of your choice.  Coloring is optional.

    Please take a photo of your drawings with your phone and submit it electronically to

    Below find the drawings for your grade level.  If you feel that they are too easy skip up a grade.

    Remember we always draw in pencil so we can change our minds and our lines.

    If you need the video to go slower, pause the video and go step by step at your own pace.  If you don't like your drawing try doing it over.  It gets easier and better everytime.

    Rubric check list:

    1.  Fill the page.

    2.  Follow the video.

    3.  Have Fun! 

    This week when you draw, please add a background.  Show the Horizon Line where the sky meets the land or water.  Your background can be realistic or you can make up your own.

    Kindergarten:  1. How to draw a Boy and a Girl 2.  How to draaw a butterfly on a flower   3. How to draw a hot air balloon with a puppy

    1st grade:  1. How to draw a cartoon swimmer 2. How to draw an Island  3.  How to paint a beautiful landscape(If you can't paint it that is fine.  Just draw it)

    2nd grade:  1.  How to draw Captain Underpants  2. How to draw a Mariachi Guitar player  3. How to draw Garfield

    3rd grade:  1. How to draw the Whitehouse  2. How to draw a Hank from Finding Dory 3. How to draw an angler fish.

    4th grade:  1.  How to draw a Knight   2. How to draw a Baseball player  3. How to draw Gru from Despicable Me

    5th grade:  Flip Books  Please watch these You Tube videos.

    1.  The (Awesome) history of animation

    2   A Brief History of Animation  Will Seymour Murphy

    3.  How to make a flip book animation  Mr. Otter

    4.  How to make a flip book   Andymation.  h

    These videos will explain the step by step process.  These are fun and it should surprise you and make you laugh.

    You can hold them as you flip if you don't have staples or clips.  Start with the bouncing ball.  I suggest you do your drawings with pencil so that you can make changes.  

    You can use any kind of paper.  Cut them the same size about 3 x 5.


    If you have any questions, you can email me at


    Big Idea O:  Organizational Skills

    • O.2  The structural rules and conventions of an art form serve both as a foundation and a departure point for creativity.

    Big Idea S:  Skills, Techniques and Processes

    Enduring Understanding

    •  S.1 The arts are inherently experential and actively engage learners in the processes of creatting, interpreting and responding art.
    •  S.2 Development of skill, techniques and processes in the arts strengthens our ability to remember, focus on, process, and sequence information. 
    •  S.3 Through purposeful practice, artists learn to manage, master and refine simple, then complex, skills and techniques.