Week of May 18, 2020

  • Welcome to the 8th week of Distance Learning.  Please check in with me daily via Class Dojo before 8:45 AM (even if you don't start working until later) so that I can do attendance by 9:00 AM. We need to start sending messages to each other via Dojo or the school email so that I can keep things organized for paperwork reasons. Many students are not doing the Studies Weekly, this is your Social Studies grade.

    Assignments for this week:

       Computer Based Lessons

    • i-Ready for about 15 minutes 3 times a week (45 minutes a week)
    • i-Ready Teacher assigned lesson (this adds to the time, so you will go over the 45 minutes simply track the 45 minutes when you do the regular lessons)
    • MyOn project on Careers (some of you have started this already, remember you must read 3 a week)
    • Studies Weekly Week 32 (Yes,you do need to do the Think and Write)
    • Read 20 minutes (book of choice/MyOn story of choice). Write a paragraph summary and send it to me via Dojo or school email.

       Work Packet Assignments

          May work packets are available for pick up. These packets are designed to last the entire month of May. You need to send me proof of the work being completed by sending me photos of the work (photos of the child doing work are great, but I need to see a clear picture of each assignment). Remember that I get the Reading and the Social Studies (History and Mrs. Morgan gets the Math and Science). Read for 20 minutes daily and write a paragraph summary and send me a photo of the summary. 

    ZOOM Meeting   

         I will be setting a Zoom Meeting for Tuesday at 10:00 AM and another one at 6:00 PM. Attend the meeting that works the best for you and your family. I sent out the login information last week in Dojo, but I'll resend it later today. Remember to check your volume before the meeting begins. Mute your screen until you are going to speak so that the background sounds don't disturb the other viewers. Please find a spot in your home where you can sit comfortably during the meeting (some of you who are moving from place to place are distracting). 


    Week of 5/18/2020 you have Art with Mrs. Denmark check out her webpage for your assignment.

    Technology support questions Call 352-867-2100 (Monday-Friday 8-4) for assistance with technology issues.

    Picking up medicine and personal items  May 18th is the day to pickup medicines and personal items 4th grade pickup time is 1:00. If you have other grade levels to pickup, please let us know so that we can get all of your students' things together for pickup at one time.

    Returning Chromebooks, library books, and text books June 3rd has been set aside as the date to return only the items listed to school. Look for more information coming soon giving you more details.

    New student registration May 18th by appointment If you have a child to register in Pre-K. or Kindergarten you must schedule an appointment to register them. Only one adult and one child are allowed on campus for the appointment.


    Office hours to return phone calls: 9:00-10:00 AM and 1:00-2:00 PM (These times will be flexible if I have something come up that needs my attention during thoose two hours). If so, I will contact you when I am free that day or within 24 hours of your notification.)

     Please notify me with a Dojo message or an email that you would like me to call you.