Welcome to ESE Pre-K



    Welcome to South Ocala and the ESE Pre-School program.  We are looking forward to working with you as we work together to make a difference in your child’s growth and development.

    We do a lot of fun activities throughout the year, some of them may become quite messy. We will also have outside play that will require “play clothes”.  I recommend that you send your child to school in clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and that are comfortable to play in.  They must have closed toe shoes for running and trike riding.  We don’t like stubbed toes. 

    I will send home a daily communication folder in your child’s backpack everyday.  The first page is a calendar with “no school” dates and 12:05 release days indicated.  Also on the calendar will be the days your child should bring snack for the class.  Chips, popcorn, and cookies are easy snacks. Please check the folder daily and sign at the bottom of the page.  Check the pockets for notes and information sheets, as well as permission slips.  Please check the calendar for upcoming events that you should know about.  It is very important that we communicate so we can help your child grow.


    Each child should bring the following to school.

    1. A Backpack
    2. A change of clothes including socks, shoes and underwear.
    3. A big box of tissues.
    4. Clorox wipes.
    5. Hand sanitizer.
    6. Baby wipes.
    7. Diapers if needed.
    8. Gallon/Quart Ziplock Bags



    AM  /PM    Schedule of our day

    7:40 /11:00    Students arrive

    7:45 / 11:05    Breakfast / Lunch

    8:15 / 11:30    Fine Motor

    8:45 / 11:45   Gross Motor

    9:30 / 12:30   Circle Time/Centers

    10:45 / 1:45    Snack

    11:00 / 2:00     Dismissal


    Teacher:  Mrs. Mary Dukes  (Ms. Mary)                Assistants:  Ms. Telva Lofton (Ms. Tina) and Ms. Nalini Mangar (Ms. Nalini)