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    School Profile and Demographics

    Wyomina Park Elementary School is a Pre-K through 5th grade located in a quaint Northeast Ocala neighborhood approximately two blocks north of Silver Springs Boulevard. Our school was built in 1949, serving many of our county and city leaders as they progressed through elementary school. The school mascot is the Warrior and our colors are red and white.

    The faculty and staff at Wyomina Park Elementary School believe that all of our students can achieve at high levels in Reading, Math and the other academic areas. Wyomina students excel in the Arts. The School Improvement plan reflects our dedication to ensuring all students perform at or above the state on every assessment. 

    We serve a diverse population with 33% Caucasian children, 43% Black, 9% Multi-Racial and 15% Hispanic. Our faculty and staff work hard to ensure all students have a great learning experience and are safe from barriers which impede success.  We service 20% of our students in our Exceptional Student Education program. In addition, approximately 14% of our population is designated as qualifying for the ESOL program. We have a homeless population of approximately 2%. All students receive a free breakfast and lunch and 85% of our students come from economically disadvantaged homes. This qualifies us as a Title I school.



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