Welcome to 6th Grade Earth & Space Science

  • I am Mr. Saputo and I will be guiding you through the wonderful world of Earth & Space Science, which includes Methods of Science, Earth's Atmosphere & Structures and Astronomy.  We will be utilizing the Glencoe Physical Science Interactive Student Textbooks in class.  Topics will include: Nature of Science (N.O.S.), Scientific Method, Atmosphere & Weather, Earth's Structures - Changes Over Time, Plate Techtonics, the Solar System Stars & the Universe, etc...


    Student grades will comprise of the following categories: Tests/Projects & Presentations 40%, Labs/Classwork & Quizzes 50%, Homework 10%


    Student safety is my number 1 priority.  All students will be asked to sign a Student Safety Contract for participation in Science Labs.  Students will follow all written and verbal teacher instructions regarding lab  and safety procedures during laboratory work.  Students will know the location of safety devices and know how to use them correctly (fire extinguisher, eye wash station, emergency exits, etc...),  wear protective eye wear (safety goggles) and appropriate clothing at all times during labs, know where and how to get help in case of an emergency, pass a safety test administered by the instructor.


    Students are responsible for copying their complete assignments weekly and submitting there work to the teacher in the appropriate bin in the front of the room next to the door.  Parents should check to make sure students are writing down their assignments & completing and submitting their work weekly.  


    Students need to follow the classroom rules of behavior:

    1. Be Safe - follow directions & keep hands to themselves 
    2. Be On Time - seated & quiet & ready to learn when the bell rings
    3. Be An Active Learner - engage in classroom discussions & activities
    4. Be Respectful - raise hand & get permission to speak
    5. Be Responsible - bring materials & meet deadlines


    Class Schedule

    1st Period -  Planning 

    2nd Period - Earth & Space Science

    3rd Period - Earth & Space Science

    4th Period - Earth & Space Science

    5th period - Earth & Space Science

    6th period - Earth & Space Science

    7th period - Earth & Space Science