Welcome to Mrs. Nevarez's class

  • "If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be. "

    Maya Angelou


    My website will be a tool for parents to find updated information pertaining to this school year.  


     Our goal is to take your child where they are presently and provide them with an education that will push them to be more independent before they graduate and transition into adulthood.  We do this by teaching them academics and life skills.  VHS has a life skills lab where students can practice real world life skills (cooking, cleaning, laundry, hygiene, etc.)  We also have a cookie business where students learn to manage a business.  Students will bake cookies, sell cookies to peers, manage money and clean the lab.  We also use field trip experiences as part of real world learning experiences to foster independence and communication.

    Classroom Rules:  

    Be on time

    Be on task

    Follow directions

    Respect others

    Do your best


    Your child's conduct grade will be based on teacher documented observations and how they follow classroom rules.


    Grading Policies

    90-100% A

    80-89%   B

    79-70%   C

    69-60%   D

    59-0        F

    There are 3 levels of task completion (independent, supported and participation).  If a student is able to complete an assignment independently after instruction, he or she earns the grade based on the percentage correct.  If a student needs an adult's support to complete the assignment through direct instruction, the highest grade they can earn is a C because they did not come up with answers independently.  A student who participates orally or listens to lesson, but does not turn in a completed assignment will earn a D.  The only way a student earns a F on an assignment is if they are absent and do not make up the assignment or refuse to participate or complete an assignment while in class.  There are exceptions to the grading criteria based on teacher observation and classroom participation.

    The COVID pandemic has caused many challenges to this new school year.  It is our top priority to keep everyone safe.  Students are required to wear a mask while in school, and it will be a dress code violation if they do not wear a mask.  Please make sure your child has his or her mask daily for everyone's safety.