Ms. G is still here to help you :)

  • Hello students and parents,

    I know the next few weeks will be a challenge but I am here to support you!

    All students that see me for assistance and extra help can still do so it will just be online now. 

    I will be supporting all core classes and I will have regular office hours Monday though Friday from 9:00 to 3:30 

    Students can contact me via email @ jessica.guillen@marion.

    or they have the option to reach me on a Google vocice number where they can call or text. 

    That number is 352-405-0389. If you need additional support, that can be done over the phone. If there are visual supports needed I can set up a Zoom conference. 

    I am in contact with the ELA department teachers as well as your other classroom inclusion teachers and want to continue to help our students be successful. 

    If you are having issues accessing your google classroom or other platforms I would be happy to talk students and parents through that as well.

    Please feel free to reach out and please expect to hear from me weekly as well.