Welcome to AVID!

  • Hello,

    My name is Kayleigh Beaulieu (Bowl-ee-oh) and I teach 6th-8th grade AVID here at Fort King Middle School; I am also the AVID Coordinator for our school.  

    My hours at the school are from 8am-4pm. The best time to call is between 830-9am. However, an even easier way to reach me is through email. I am constantly checking my email throughout the day or during lunch and I can guarantee a response within 24 hours.


    **Important Information**

    1. Check your child's planner. Teachers update their weekly/daily agenda all the time. Students should have homework, tests, and quizzes written in their planner.
    2. Homework policy: Students will be given homework weekly; however, the amount of homework will change depending on the week. Please check your child's planner for assignments. 
    3. Extra credit is given every quarter. Unfinished projects or tasks will not be graded. If work is sloppy and directions have not been followed, work will not be scored. They will be handed out directly after progress reports and they will be due the week before grades close for report cards (approximately 3 weeks to complete project). These projects are to be done at home, students will NOT have time in class to work on them. If materials will be an issue for you, please get in touch so I can try to gather materials for your child. 

    Thank you and I look forward to an awesome school year!


    Contact Information:

    Phone: 352-671-4725 ext. 554913

    Email: kayleigh.beaulieu@marion.k12.fl.us