School Advisory Council


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    A School Advisory Council is an elected committee made up of parents, staff, administrators, businesses, and community members who work together to help a school improve. By state law, school boards must establish an advisory council for each school.

    The role of a School Advisory Council is to assist in the preparation of the annual budget, and in the development and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan. The SAC is the school committee that deals with issues relating to school improvement. The General Appropriations Act provides a portion of funds for use by the SAC that is to be used for implementing the School Improvement Plan.

    Become a SAC member! Get involved! Being a School Advisory Council member is a good way to be an important part of your child's education.

    The School Advisory Committee operates under a committee structure. Most of the work of the SAC is handled by individual committees and committee reports are presented for information and the approval of the SAC. Below are a list of the standing committees of the SAC.

    For more information, you may also contact the School Improvement Office at 671-7146 or access the following website --


    TBA for 2015-2016. SAC meets once a month on the first Monday.


    • Danny Pauley (Chairperson)
    • Charles Adolf (Parent)
    • April Adolf (Parent)
    • Jessica Bolt (Parent)
    • Gary Chotiner (Teacher)
    • Karen Cowan (Parent)
    • Pam Dosh (Parent)
    • Dan Dube (Teacher)
    • Kathy Hawkins (Teacher)
    • Renee Jones (Assistant Principal)
    • Cheryl Moody (Guidance Counselor)
    • Julie Ristow (Parent)
    • Carol Savage (Parent)
    • Alan Schafer (Community Member)
    • Pam Smith (Parent)
    • Coni Solomon (Teacher)
    • Belinda Wood (SAC Secretary)


    Parents are invited and encouraged to volunteer at school. Every effort will be made to find every parent a way to participate actively in his/her child's education. Volunteers are needed to tutor students, shelve library books, make games, file papers, and chaperone field trips. If you are interested in helping out, contact our School Volunteer Coordinator, Mrs. Denise Dube, at 671-4725.

Contacting SAC

  • Are you looking for an opportunity to be more engaged with your school? Feel free to contact your School Advisory Council (SAC) with any comments, suggestions, or concerns. We value our partnership.

    Email the Fort King Middle School Advisory Council