ESE Support


    What does an ESE support Teacher do? 

     May serve as a member of Individual Educational Plan (IEP) meetings.

    Create and follow a student's Individual Educational Plan.

    Be an advocate for students. 

    Provide support for students with disabilities to enhance their achievement in the general class setting through cooperative consultation and co-teaching.

    Transition between two or more general education classrooms, while collaborating with general education teachers and assisting students with disabilities.

     Provide the level and frequency of support needed, based upon the general educators’ and the students’ need for assistance.

    Arrange for alternative classroom and testing accommodations for students with disabilities.

    Develop and adapt curriculum and testing materials to meet the needs of teachers and students.

    Model small group instruction to students with disabilities in general classes, as well as in pullout settings.

    Provide consultation services to general education teachers on best practices related to instruction of students with disabilities as well as specific, differentiated instructional strategies for use with individual students in accordance to their IEP.

    Participate in the training programs offered to enhance the individual skills and proficiency related to the job responsibilities.

    Review current developments, literature and technical sources of information related to job responsibilities.

    Ensure adherence to safety rules and procedures.

    Follow federal and state, as well as School Board policies.

    Perform other duties as assigned by the School Principal or designee