Mrs. Denmark's ART Class: yvonne.denmark (352)465-6700

  • Welcome Back!    

    I hope all of you had a Great Summer!  I am glad that you we are able to enjoy and create Art together.

    We will be creating many art projects this year!  We will be learning about Famous Artist, and learn many techniques from them.  We will learn the Elements of Art and the Principles of Art, and apply them in our Masterpieces.   



                                               Thank you again,                                                        Mrs. Denmark "Without Art this EArth would be just Eh!" :)

     Learning is Fun with Mrs. Denmark!                    Please scroll to the bottom of this page to click the current Art assignment link and the assignment for your child will show up. After the lesson is completed please send a message or take a picture of your child's Artwork Please include their grade and teacher's name. Thank You for all your help!



    I will be available to support your child with any questions about the Art Lessons they will be working on from 11 am- 1 pm via email at or you may contact me through DOJO



    If your child has significant problems completing the lesson please let me know and I will offer further assistance via DOJO or email


    Please take care of each other and please let your child know I miss them! Thank you for helping All of the Teachers by making your child's education a top priority! 

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Current Assignments

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