Welcome to Ms. Hill's "VIRTUAL SCIENCE CLASS!"  This is going to be a fun experience for all of  us. I will be available to you via email Monday - Friday from 8am - 3pm.  If you have any questions or you would just like to say "Hi!" and tell me what you've been up to, you can always email me at tonya.hill@marion.k12.fl.us any time and I'll be sure to get back with you! Check back here everyday for UPDATES and exciting news!


    5/29/2020 UPDATE:  


    June 15 - July 9




    5/28/2020 UPDATE: 

    😊 CONGRATULATIONS to the following students who have completed all their assignments for the month of May in STEMscopes

    Anyely A.  ~  Sebastian P.  ~  Christian V.  ~  Isabella B.  ~  Cadence C.  ~  Zachariah L.  ~  Corey M.  ~  Hayden M.  ~  Arianah B.  ~  Ali M.  ~  Laniyah S.  ~  A'nayah S.  ~  Jermya B.  ~ Zaynah T.  ~  Yahsiel C.  Trey'von T.  ~  Jordan S.  ~  Hayden V.  ~  Janeli M. 


    5/18/2020 UPDATE:

    🙂 Hey Everyone!  Swing by RCE to pick up your personal belongings May 18th -June 1st from 10:30 - 2:00.  Your teachers have bagged up all your things and they are ready for pick up on the sidewalk located on the bus loop side of campus (right outside Ms. Davis' door.)


    5/3/2020 UPDATE:

    😊  NEW STEMscopes assignments have been posted for the month of May.  All assignments must be completed by May 29th to receive full credit for your assignments.  To view your assignments, go to your Student Portal and click on STEMscopes.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me via email or through your Google Classroom email.  I'm here to help! 🙂

    4/29/2020 UPDATE:

    🙂 SPIRIT DAY AT RCE! During the month of May we will have 4 "SPIRIT DAYS".  Dress up, cook your favorite meals at home & get creative with crafts.  Be sure to submit photos or videos to your teacher of your awesome creativity.  See schedule below:

    TUESDAY, MAY 5TH:  "TACO TUESDAY!" - Wear of make a taco shirt, have tacos for dinner.

    TUESDAY, MAY 12TH:  "NATIONAL NURSES DAY!" - Dress as a medical professional, make "Thank You" cards for our local nurses.

    TUESDAY, MAY 19TH:  "PAJAMA/COMFY DAY!" - Wear your favorite pajamas or comfy clothes.

    TUESDAY, MAY 26TH:  "SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY!" - Wear your "School Spirit Shirt!"


    4/21/2020 UPDATE:

    The Governor has extended Distance Learning to the end of the school year (Student's last day is June 1st)

    🙂 Be sure to check in with STEMScope and my website OFTEN for NEW assignments coming for May! The DUE DATE for your April assignments is April 30th.  By this time you should have completed all 8 Science assignments in STEMscopes that were assigned to you back on April 6th.


    4/17/2020 UPDATE:

    😊 CONGRATULATIONS to the following students who have completed all their assignments for the month of April in STEMscopesIf your name is not listed below and you believe you have completed all of your assignments, go to your STUDENT PORTAL and check your graded assignments in SKYWARD to see the assignment(s) that you have not completed.  Then go into STEMscopes and click on that assignment to complete and submit.  Even if it is just a video or game assignment, you still need to complete the assignment.  You must complete the full time necessary in completing that assignment to get the full grade (8-10 minutes).  Just clicking in and clicking out does not complete the assignment.  If you have any questions, please email me and I will be glad to help!  :0)

    Michaela B.  ~  Christian V.  ~  Arianah B.  Ali M.  ~  O'Riyha S.  ~  Treyvon T.  ~  Yahsiel C.  ~  Zachariah L.  ~  Hayden M.  ~  Zaynah T.  ~  Colby W.  ~  A'nayah S.  ~ Anyely A.


     4/16/2020 UPDATE:

    *New cool video's were posted in GOOGLE CLASSROOM for Animal Adaptation*

    *Click on VOTE! if you would like to take part in voting on elementary books with Mrs. Gokee*


    4/14/2020 UPDATE:
    🙂 YEARBOOK'S ARE READY!  Click on this link Ybpay.lifetouch.com if you would like to purchase this years Reddick-Collier Elementary Yearbook.  The cost is $20 and the deadline has been extended to May 1st.    
    (Ybpay code: 12694120)


    4/12/2020 UPDATE:

    😊 Many of you have been doing a pretty good job on your Science assignments located on STEMscopes.  For those of you that have completed all of your Science assignments, I've posted some MYSTERY SCIENCE videos for you on our SCIENCE GOOGLE CLASSROOM!  Go to Ms. Hill's Science Google Classroom now and check out what Doug has been up to lately!  Also, don't forget to check out the SCIENCE GAMES ON STEMScopes.  They're actually really cool to play.  You can have fun and learn something at the same time! 

    *Check your STUDENT EMAIL for a new message sent out this evening from me!*


    4/8/2020 UPDATE:

    🙂 HEY GUYS!  Click on the ZOOM MEETING tab to the left of your screen and see the latest information regarding a scheduled  3rd Grade ZOOM MEETING with all your teachers and 3rd grade friends!  We're looking forward to seeing you all again! 


    4/6/2020 UPDATE:

    If you are still in need of a CHROMEBOOK to continue your distance learning at home, contact Evergreen Elementary @ (352)671-4925. Pick up times for Reddick-Collier Students at Evergreen Elementary will be on Monday, 4/6/2020 & Tuesday, 4/7/2020 by appointment onlyNo Chromebook distributions after Tuesday 4/7/2020.


    4/5/2020 UPDATE: 

    SPECIALS!!! You will still be doing your SPECIALS CLASSES (Art, Music, & P.E.).  Check out your SPECIALS SCHEDULE TAB located on my webpage, to see what days you will be doing which Special Area class!


    4/3/2020 UPDATE:


    🙂 Many of you are having problems viewing the videos that I had assigned through Google Classroom.  So, I've chosen another program called STEMScopes!  You can access STEMScopes from your STUDENT PORTAL.  Make sure you are using GOOGLE CHROME and in YOUR STUDENT GOOGLE ACCOUNT and not on your home google account. Otherwise, you won't be able to see your assignments.  To make sure you are in YOUR Google account, you will need to:  Open google drive under the school portal located at the top right side of your screen. You will see 9 black dots in a square. Open the classroom from there. This will allow your school account to open your Google Classrooms and STEMScope

    (See picture below)

    School Google Account

    😊 Next, go to the bottom of your screen and click on PROGRAMS.  Click on the STEMScope tile.  This will take you to your Science Class.  There you will find all of your Science assignments, quiz' and assessments, as well as more videos, fun activities, and SCIENCE GAMES!!!!  Remember, you only need to do 1 assignment in Science per week.  You CAN do more if you want, just don't neglect your other subjects.  These assignments will be graded, so be sure to do your best and look back in the texts and videos if you are unsure of your answers.


    🙂 BE SURE TO INCLUDE DETAILS FROM THE TEXT OR VIDEO TO COMPLETE YOUR ANSWERS. This will show me that you understand the concept of the question being asked.  For instance:  "I believe climate change is bad for the polar bears because..." --- and then you need to complete the sentence by using what you learned from the text or video to tell me why you believe climate change is bad for the polar bears!  (Look back in the text or video if you need to.)


    😊 To get into your other classes, go back to your STUDENT PORTAL and click on GOOGLE CLASSROOM. You will see your other teacher’s classrooms that you can click on to get started on those subjects!


    🙂 BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR STUDENT EMAIL AND YOUR TEACHER'S WEBSITES EVERY DAY for messages and updates from your teachers.  Your student email is located on your student portal by clicking on OFFICE 365 and then click on OUTLOOK.  Your username and password are the same ones that you used to get on your portal.  Your TEACHER'S WEBSITES are located at Reddick-Collier's Elementary School webpage under Teacher's Webpages.


    JUST FOR FUN, you will find YOUTUBE.COM Science Experiment video's downloaded on my website under COOL SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS! I know you will enjoy watching these videos and conducting different experiments at home!  PLEASE ~ BE SURE TO HAVE AN ADULT PRESENT WHEN YOU CONDUCT THESE EXPERIMENTS.


    I'm looking forward to reading the responses to your assignments and hearing all about your experiences with the experiments that you conduct at home.  Until we are able to be together again at RCE...

    Stay SafeStay Well& Stay Curious!

    ~ Ms. Hill 🙂

    Ms. Hill