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    Welcome to Ms. Hill's 


    This is going to be a FUNtastic year in 5th grade! I am so excited and honored to get the opportunity to work with the most amazing bunch of students I have already had the priviledge to teach in 3rd grade! This AMAZING group of students performed their absolute best on the FSA in 3rd grade, that helped launch our school grade to a higher level of excellence.  And this year, I am looking forward to making that happen again!  So hang on tight and get ready to go, because we are going to hit the floor full speed ahead and show everyone what the CLASS OF 2028 is all about!  


    If you are having problems getting on your STUDENT PORTAL from home, make sure you are using GOOGLE CHROME and you are in YOUR STUDENT GOOGLE ACCOUNT and not on your home google account. Otherwise, you won't be able to access your assignments through your student portal.  To make sure you are in YOUR Google account, you will need to:  Open google drive under the school portal located at the top right side of your screen. You will see 9 black dots in a square. This will allow your school account to open your Google Classrooms. 

    (See picture below)

    School Google Account          

    😊 Once you are on your Student Portal, click on the Tile you need (Google Classroom, IReady, STEMscopes, etc.)  If you cannot find the Tile you're looking for, go to the bottom of your screen and click on PROGRAMS.  There you will find the program tiles you need.  Once you click on the tile from PROGRAMS, it will automatically be placed on your Student Portal for quicker access next time.

    😊 To connect with your other classes, go back to your STUDENT PORTAL and click on GOOGLE CLASSROOM. You will see your other teacher’s classrooms that you can click on to get started.



    "Today is a Good Day to Be Amazing!"