Ms. Matias' Class

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    Welcome Families!

    I hope that you are all safe and healthy. I miss all of you very much!


    On this web page, you will find many activities and resources to engage your child and continue the learning they have been doing all year. This will be a mix of live and recorded lessons and read alouds, apps, and printable activities. It will definitely be a work in progress and I welcome any feedback or suggestions along the way. We are truly in this together! I have several different ways for us to communicate. Please click on the Meet the Teacher button to get more information about communication.

    It is my goal to post daily. I will be using Zoom as a platform to do a live morning meeting and read aloud. Your child may join the meeting and participate if your schedule allows. I will record the meeting so it can be watched at any time. Along with the read aloud, I will offer a follow-up suggestion for an activity. Please don't stress over any of this. Learning should be fun. It may help your child to follow a routine, so I will try my best to be consistant. You will find the daily content under the date. For the next couple of days, you will see a link to a story, while I am working out the Zoom content. By Monday of next week, I should be live each day at 9:00 am.


    If we were in school, our daily schedule would be as follows:

    7:40-8:15  Breakfast

    8:15-8:45  Morning Meeting (Calendar, Daily Math, ABC song, Read Aloud, Mini Lesson)

    8:45-10:00   Learning Centers/Small Group Instruction (Center opportunities include dramatic play, construction, writing/drawing, painting, sensory, fine motor skills)

    10:00-10:15  Clean up/Story

    10:15-11:00  Outside Play

    11:00-11:15   Cool down

    11:15-12:00  Lunch

    12:00-12:10  Transition

    12:10-1:30 Rest

    1:30-2:00  Music/Pack up/End of Day Meeting

    Please do not stress about following this schedule. I just wanted to give you a clear idea of our day.