School Advisory Council

  • The School Advisory Council meets at least quarterly to discuss school improvement issues. The SAC annually reviews and revises the school improvement plan based on a needs assessment. Issues related to SIP budgets, AYP status, motivation of students, FAST (Reading, Writing and Math) and NGSSS (Science) testing and other school activities are discussed and acted upon at  SAC meetings.

    A School Advisory Council is an elected committee made up of parents, staff, administrators, businesses, community members and students (in secondary schools) who work together to help a school improve. By state law, school boards must establish an advisory council for each school.

    The School Improvement Plan is posted on the school website and minutes of the meetings are listed below.

    The role of a School Advisory Council is to assist in the preparation of the annual budget, and in the development and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan. The SAC is the school committee that deals with issues relating to school improvement. The General Appropriations Act provides a portion of funds for use by the SAC that is to be used for implementing the School Improvement Plan.

    For more information, you may also contact the School Improvement Office at 671-7146 or access the following website --

    Become a SAC member! Get involved! Being a School Advisory Council member is a good way to be an important part of your child's education.  We Need You!!!

    2023-24 SAC Meetings (all SAC meetings are held in the Media Center) 

    • September 14 @ 4:00 PM 
    • December 7 @ 5:00 PM 
    • March 6 @ 5:00 PM 
    • April 11 @ 4:30 PM 

    SAC Members

    •  (Chairperson)
    •  (Co-chairperson)
    • Albert Fuller (Business Partner)
    • Jackie Beard (Community Member)
    •  (Parent)
    • Renee Johnson (Principal)
    • Ashley Conrad (Teacher)

    22-23 SAC agendas and minutes

Contacting SAC

  • Are you looking for an opportunity to be more engaged with your school? Feel free to contact your School Advisory Council (SAC) with any comments, suggestions, or concerns. We value our partnership.

    Email the Sparr Elementary School Advisory Council