Enrichment Groups and Organizations

Bravo Les Premieres
Creative Drama Madison Street Jugglers
Digital Publishing Madison Street Players
Encore Safety Patrol
Keyz Technical Theatre Team
 Sponsor:  Mrs. Kathy Coleman
 Purpose:  To promote school spirit and develop musicianship while learning to play a variety of melodic and percussion instruments and perform for various events throughout the school year.
 Requirements:  Needs an interest in music and demonstration of good conduct, focus, and responsibility.
 Grade Levels:   3rd-5th grade
 Dues:   Performances include: FAFO (Fine Arts Festival of Ocala), MSA Winter show, Cinco de Mayo, and MSA Spring show. Other off campus performance opportunities when needed.
 Major Activities:  MSA Winter and Spring productions
 Creative Drama  
 Sponsor:  Mr. Whatley
 Purpose:  To use games, exercises and activities to improve student skills in the areas of imagination, creativity, observation, listening, communication, concentration, understanding, improvisation, vocal production and movement.
 Requirements:  Active Imagination, creativity, a willingness to have fun and learn
 Grade Levels:   1ST & 2ND GRADES
 Dues:   Absolutely ZERO
 Major Activities:  Games and exercises to promote on stage and real life skills.
 Fundraisers:  Accepting donations anytime. 
 Digital Publishing  
 Sponsor:  Ms. Cindy Leppala
 Purpose:  To learn about digital photography and publications.
 Requirements:  Satisfactory grades, attend meetings and activities
 Grade Levels:   Chosen 5th Grade students
 Dues:   Please see info on PTA Club forms for costs, dates and times.
 Major Activities:  This is a club sponsored by PTA and run by Mrs. Leppala and Mrs. Barrett. We are involved in taking photos for the yearbook and create at least one major slide show per year from our photographs. In the past we have entered local and national photography contests.
 Fundraisers:  Our 1st session will begin soon. Look for the PTA club registration form coming home soon. Students in the first session are invited back for the second session. Dates will be announced soon. We expect that this session will run longer than the usual six weeks. 
 Sponsor:  Mrs. Kathy Coleman and Ms. Sheila Ruotolo
 Purpose:  To promote poise, leadership skills, and self-worth
 Requirements:  Membership is by audition only.
 Grade Levels:   4th and 5th grade
 Major Activities:  ENCORE performs at FAFO (Fine Arts Festival of Ocala), MSA Winter and Spring shows, Cinco de Mayo, and other off campus events to represent our school.
 Fundraisers:  MSA Winter and Spring Productions 
 Sponsor:  Mrs. Kathy Coleman
 Purpose:  To promote school spirit and develop musicianship through singing and performing for various events.
 Requirements:  A Passion for Singing, good behavior, focus, and responsibility.
 Grade Levels:   2nd-3rd grades
 Major Activities:  International Choir sings for FAFO (Fine Arts Festival of Ocala), the MSA Winter and Spring productions, Cinco de Mayo, and other off campus events.
 Fundraisers:  MSA Winter and Spring productions 
 Sponsor:  Mrs. Kathy Coleman
 Purpose:  To promote poise, leadership skills, and self-worth and develop musicianship through group piano lessons.
 Requirements:  Students pay a registration fee to cover the cost of their books and materials.
 Grade Levels:   All Grades
 Dues:   $25 registration fee to cover books and materials for the class
 Major Activities:  Students attend one group piano lesson each week. Parents are encouraged to attend class with their child. Students will progress through a graduated level of piano study and theory and will perform in a recital in the Spring at the end of the school year.
 Fundraisers:  Registration fees cover expenses. 
 Les Premieres  
 Sponsor:  Ms. Sheila Ruotolo
 Purpose:  To dance for the community and promote a love of dancing
 Requirements:  To love to dance
 Grade Levels:   All Grades
 Major Activities:
 Fundraisers:  Performances 
 Madison Street Jugglers  
 Sponsor:  Mr. Joe Hartman
 Purpose:  To learn the basic skills of juggling scarves, balls, rings, and clubs and to demonstrate and teach those skills at community events, assisted living facilities, and for community service organizations.
 Requirements:  Juggling is taught and practiced during extended day hours. Minimum specified performance levels and regular attendance at teams practices are required for community performances.
 Grade Levels:   All Grades
 Major Activities:  Performances this Spring include a special fine arts PTO performance, Hands Are Not for Hurting Expo at the Paddock Mall, Art in the Park at Tuscawilla Park, March of Dimes, Arbor Day Celebration at Tuscawilla Park, Maplewood Elementary Arts Festival and Family Day at the Appleton Museum.
 Madison Street Players  
 Sponsor:  Mr. Whatley
 Purpose:  To provide students the opportunity to prepare and perform full length plays and musicals.
 Requirements:  Each production will have a different set of requirements. Production Requirements can be found on the information and gallery pages.
 Grade Levels:   Auditions open to students in grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th.
 Dues:   NONE
 Major Activities:  Fall & Spring Productions
 Fundraisers:  Fall & Spring Productions 
 Safety Patrols  
 Sponsor:  Mrs. Rohrbacher and Mrs. Leppala
 Purpose:  The Safety Patrols is a group of fifth grade students, charged with assisting teachers in monitoring students at the start and end of each school day.
 Requirements:  Must be chosen by 4th grade and 5th grade teachers. Must have not earn lower than a B or S on their report cards. Must not receive a referral (Homework not included, unless repetitive)
 Grade Levels:   5th Grade
 Dues:   None, however families are responsible for the costs of the Safety Patrol trip (not mandatory) to the Atlanta area.
 Major Activities:  Patrols stand post at stations around school to assist younger students find their classrooms and monitor behavior.
 Sponsor:  Mr. George Mcallister
 Purpose:  To practice skills on string instruments and to promote self-worth
 Requirements:  A commitment to practice their stringed instruments
 Grade Levels:   All Grades
 Major Activities:
 Fundraisers:  Performances 
 Technical Theatre Team  
 Sponsor:  Mr. Whatley
 Purpose:  To train students in areas of lighting, sound, sets and other technical theatre fields.
 Requirements:  A desire to learn about the "behind the scenes" technical aspects of theatre. A willingness to work and be a part of the production crew for all drama productions.
 Grade Levels:   3rd, 4th and 5th
 Dues:   Nothing monetary, but you need to work hard to reap the rewards.
 Major Activities:  Fall & Spring Productions