Enrichment Groups and Organizations

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 Sponsor:  Mrs. Hannah Whitson
 Purpose:  To promote school spirit and develop musicianship while learning to play a variety of melodic and percussion instruments and perform for various events throughout the school year.
 Requirements:  Needs an interest in music and demonstration of good conduct, focus, and responsibility.
 Grade Levels:   3rd-5th grade
 Dues:   Performances include: FAFO (Fine Arts Festival of Ocala), MSA Winter show, Cinco de Mayo, and MSA Spring show. Other off campus performance opportunities when needed.
 Major Activities:  MSA Winter and Spring productions
 Sponsor:   Ms. Sheila Ruotolo
 Purpose:  To promote poise, leadership skills, and self-worth
 Requirements:  Membership is by audition only.
 Grade Levels:   4th and 5th grade
 Major Activities:  ENCORE performs at FAFO (Fine Arts Festival of Ocala), MSA Winter and Spring shows, Cinco de Mayo, and other off campus events to represent our school.
 Fundraisers:  MSA Winter and Spring Productions 
 Les Premieres  
 Sponsor:  Ms. Sheila Ruotolo
 Purpose:  To dance for the community and promote a love of dancing
 Requirements:  To love to dance
 Grade Levels:   All Grades
 Major Activities:  
 Fundraisers:  Performances 
 Madison Street Players  
 Sponsor:  Mr. Berardi
 Purpose:  To provide students the opportunity to prepare and perform full length plays and musicals.
 Requirements:  Each production will have a different set of requirements. Production Requirements can be found on the information and gallery pages.
 Grade Levels:   Auditions open to students in grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th.
 Dues:   NONE
 Major Activities:  Fall & Spring Productions
 Fundraisers:  Fall & Spring Productions 
 Safety Patrols  
 Sponsor:  Ms. Burfening and Mrs. Leppala
 Purpose:  The Safety Patrols is a group of fifth grade students, charged with assisting teachers in monitoring students at the start and end of each school day.
 Requirements:  Must be chosen by 4th grade and 5th grade teachers. Must have not earn lower than a B or S on their report cards. Must not receive a referral (Homework not included, unless repetitive)
 Grade Levels:   5th Grade
 Dues:   None, however families are responsible for the costs of the Safety Patrol trip (not mandatory) to the Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios.
 Major Activities:  Patrols stand post at stations around school to assist younger students find their classrooms and monitor behavior.
 Technical Theatre Team  
 Sponsor:  Mr. Barardi
 Purpose:  To train students in areas of lighting, sound, sets and other technical theatre fields.
 Requirements:  A desire to learn about the "behind the scenes" technical aspects of theatre. A willingness to work and be a part of the production crew for all drama productions.
 Grade Levels:   3rd, 4th and 5th
 Dues:   Nothing monetary, but you need to work hard to reap the rewards.
 Major Activities:  Fall & Spring Productions