Welcome to Mrs. Montigny's Third Grade Class

  • Dear Parents,

    We are off to a great start this school year. I know each of the students accomplished so much last year and developed many new skills to have a successful year in third grade. I hope you are looking as forward to our year together as I am.

    Our year ahead will include another wonderful year of learning. The journey will include drawing conclusions through science experiments and collaboration with classmates. Also, math will be full of discussions and sharing ideas while learning helpful strategies to aid their success. In addition, they will be working on exciting and challenging math software to allow preview of upcoming skills and opportunities for repeated practice of the third grade math standards. One of our software programs is IXL. Each week students will be assigned skills to help reinforce skills taught and allow for independent practice, so each student will build confidence and endurance to become successful, on all the third grade milestones.

    I look forward to our class discussions and getting to know each student. As a big part of the learning experience throughout this year’s curriculum, both math and science lessons will include evaluating and analyzing problems and labs. 

    I have so many plans and activities to challenge every student to become their Personal Best. As we progress through the academic year, there is so much to be excited about; and I am excited to be on the journey with you and your child.


    Mrs. Montigny