Welcome to Mrs. Montigny's Third Grade Class

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  • School Year 2019-2020 continues with online learning the week of March 30th - April 3rd 2020.

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  • Dear Parents and Students,

    As we start back to school this 2020-2021 school year, there will be some positive changes that will effect our school day, to make sure we are safe and remain healthy. I am excited to be back on campus especially having each of you learning in the classroom !!! I will  make efforts to complement our on campus assignments with learning opportunities with new technology and software programs, for this unpresendented time in education. I hope each of you will feel rewarded and accomplished experiencing some self-guided academic experiences while growing through independent study. 

    Let's get started.  As our year ahead may feel a little unsure, let's make this school year a year full of rewards and acomplishments to become the best mathematicians and scientists you can be, so we will work each day on your math and science standards. 

    This new journey will include making a space in our classroom that is designated for you and your learning materials. A schedule for learning will be in place so you will feel confident and successful. The materials you will need will be  ex: pencils, colored markers, colored pencils. dry erase markers and white boards. These are your tools for success !!!  In addition, parents you may find that your child having a laptop, tablet or access to your phone will  be beneficial, as we make up for some lost school time. I will be monitoring the learning at school and I will instill that  learning is an active activity and should resemble thinking, having fun  and  using energy. 

    This year we will be utilizing IXL third grade skills and i-Ready. These software programs can be challenging at times, so it will be important to read each TUTORIAL for comprehension !!! These software programs are the way in which you will receive repeated practice of the third grade math standards with a built in tutorial to aid mastery for each skill. Each week your child will be assigned skills and earn at least one medal. The skills assigned are  to reinforce skills you they have learned and allow for independent practice, so each child will build confidence and endurance to become successful, on all the third grade milestones. In addition, if there are any gaps that need to be met from second grade to third grade, IXL and i-Ready are a great way to meet those educational needs. 

    I look forward to our new school year together. There is so much to learn and to be excited about this school year; and I am excited to be on this journey with you !!


    Mrs. Montigny