What is Inclusion?

  • Inclusion does NOT mean, "If you want to participate, conform to the cultural/social norm of the majority."

    Inclusion means, "Diversity is so vital that every person will have his/her needs met so that all have access to the same oppurtunites to learn, play, and live."


    As an Inclusion Teacher I work with students who have Individual Education Plans, or IEP's. These students have documented learning disabilities that prevent them from being their most successful. An IEP outlines the areas that the student needs help in, as well as, classroom and testing accommodations that help them to focus and do their best. While students with IEP's are my priority, I also work with small groups doing interventions in the areas of Reading and Math to help students "bridge-the-gap" and meet their grade level expectations. Being an Inclusion Educator means that I "push-in" to classrooms, and work with students in the normal classroom environment. Often times the students just see me as another teacher or helper in the room, and I will float through, helping anyone and everyone who asks a question or gets stuck. The success of all students at Eighth Street Elementary is my goal, and I love that the students within the classrooms that I serve know that I am a listening ear, and willing to help them get where they want to be.