We are Limitless!

  • We are Limitless!

    Contact Information:


    Email: Jennnifer.bourque2



    Phone: (352) 671-7110 ext. 52456



  • Welcome to Ms. Bourque's Online Class!

    We will all be discovering a new way of learning together.  Online learning will be an adventure!  Please remember a few rules.

    1. Be on time

    • Please be on time to all live lessons.  We are taking attendance for each subject so if you do not attend a lesson, it will be counted as a tardy or dismissal.

    2. Wear appropriate clothing

    • Students need to be dressed in appropriate clothing.  This includes a shirt and shorts or pants.

    3. Parents are expected to work with their student and help them as needed

    • It will be difficult for students to navigate the online platform so parents need to be present at all activities

    4. It's okay if my student does not get it all right. 

    • The teacher needs to see where my student is and what they still need to learn so doing it for them actually hurts.

    5. Be ready to learn

    • Students should be sitting at the computer, even if they are unable to attend at all times.  It is the parents responsibility to keep your student engaged.