• We All Fit In

We All Fit In

  • Important Dates!

    June 1st: 7:45 to 2:15

    Last day of school for students.  All work due in to Ms. Bourque for grading.

    Families my pick up any personal belongings left at school.  Please drive into car line to recieve items.


    June 3rd: 7:45-10:45

    Chromebook Return

  • How to Submit Assignments:

    Submitting an assignment is easy:

    1. Take a picture of a completed activity or worksheet and email it to me


    2. Drop a quick email telling me the assignment you worked on and how your student did with it.  Include information such as anything your child struggled with or was easy for them.


    3. During our weekly phone call, relate information about the activities completed and how your student did that week.

    Please DO NOT send any assignments back to the school.

File Library

  • Office hours will be:

    9-10am and 1-2pm M-F

    This is the time I will be at my computer to answer emails, phone calls, etc.


    Contact Information:


    Email: Jennnifer.bourque2



    Phone: (352) 462-2804


  • To fulfill your specials requirements please see the following teachers' pages.  Please see the activities for Kindergarten/Grade 1

    Week 1: PE: Coach Travis Emrich

    Week 2: Art: Rachel Davidsen

    Week 3: Music: Brooke Hutto

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  • I have set up Khan Academy for each of the students.  This is a free program.  This is not required, just something extra you may like.  It will work with them at their own level.  Here are the usernames for each student.  Everyone's password is school2020









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  • Say Hello!

    Posted by:

    Good Morning Everyone!

         I am missing you all so much.  I have been staying home here with my daughter, Delilah, who just turned 3 on Tuesday.  You have all seen her picture on my desk.  It hasn't been easy but we are getting through it.  We have a schedule at home that is different from school.  We have been doing lots of craft projects, playing in the backyard and going on walks every evening after dinner.  Drop me a message in the comments below and tell me what you have been doing.  Mrs. Plante, Mrs. Mata and I can't wait to here from you!

    Missing you,

    Ms. Bourque

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