Ms. Daymon's 4th grade Class (Math & Science) CPE 2020-2021


           Movie-Themed Growth Mindset Posters (Hollywood Theme) | TpT

         Welcome back STUDENTS and PARENTS  to the 2020-2021 School year! This year I will be teaching Math and Science. I will be team teaching with Mrs.Brown and she will be teaching ELA and Social Studies.  We both will be teaching face to face, so don't forget your mask. :)

         We hope everyone had safe and fun summer. We know this school year is going to look and feel different. Many challenges may happen along the way, but if we work together as a team we will make it. Please be flexible with us as we embark on this new journey together.

         We are ready to welcome students and get back in the swing of things. School starts on Monday, August 24th. We look forward for a great school year.                         

                                           ~DREAM, ACHIEVE, BELIEVE and ALWAYS INSPIRE!~

  • IMPORTANT! Parents please remember to update your Skyward Family Access with the correct email, phone numbers, and address in case we need to get ahold of you for anything throughout  the year. 


    STEP 1: Go to the marion county public school site

    STEP 2: Find Family Access at the top and sign in. Contact the school for Login information.


    ROOM NUMBER: Building 10 Room 9 (Near the end and look to the left: Movie Theme!)

    CONTACT INFORMATION: 352-291-4040 ext. 51386 (school phone) (school e-mail)

    OFFICE HOURS: 7:10-7:30 (appointment only-phone meeting only); 1:50-2:35 (appointment only-phone only); and 3:00-3:40 (appointment only-face to face meetings when allowed.)

    • Student Day -- 7:40 AM - 2:50 PM
    • Breakfast Served -- 7:10 AM - 7:35 AM
    • Teacher Day -- 7:05 AM - 3:40 PM
    • Early Release Dismissal -- 12:50 PM
    • School Office Hours -- 7:10 AM - 4:00 PM


    ***Students are not allowed on campus until 7:10 AM.***


    4th grade supply list 2020-2021

     2 boxes of tissues 

    1 or 2 containers disinfecting wipes 

    1 pack of 3x5 index cards 

    4 composition notebooks 

    2 packs of wide ruled notebook paper 

    4 ‐ Three prong plastic pocket folders 

    24 ‐ #2 pencils 

    1 package colored pencils 

    1 pack (4 count) black dry erase markers 

    1 pair of scissors 

    1 ‐ One inch binder  

    1 box gallon size Ziploc bags 

    2 pairs of earbuds (they break easily) ‐ we will  hold onto the extras  ****Headphones are encourage-Cost $3-$5*****




    Our Class Schedule

    Group 1 will meet and stay with me all day. Group 2 will meet the next day and remain with ine teacher all day. 

    7:40-8:00--Standford Harmony

    8:00-9:30-Math 9:30-10:15 Math Centers

    10:20-10:40-Recess (inside/outside)


    11:10-12:15-MTSS (with Homeroom-Group 1)



    2:40-2:50-Pack up/clean up





    School Wide Rules/Expectations


    *****WEAR YOUR MASK*****




    Good Husky Citizenship Reminders

    A. Learn from your mistakes.

    B. Hold yourself accountable for your actions.

    C. Listen to others ideas and suggestions.

    D. Include everyone.

    E. Use kind thoughts and words.

    F. Believe that you can do better with each effort

    Classroom Rules

    1. Follow directions quickly. Slow obedience is disobedience.

    2. Raise your hand to share knowledge with all team members.

    3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat

    4. Make smart choices

    5. Only do unto others, what you want them to do to you


    A. Warning Everybody makes mistakes

    B. Yellow Proceed with caution. Loss of Class Dojo point(s)

    C. Red Stop Immediately “Reflect, Think, Change” (RTC) form and one to one meeting with teacher.

    Copy of the RTC form shared with student’s parent on Class Dojo.

    D. Orange Construction Zone Major fix or repair of behavior and/or attitude needed:

    Teacher, Parent and student meeting scheduled ASAP


    Students will earn points in Class Dojo reward system.

    Point “spending” could include:

    1. Special chairs

    2. Lunch and a movie (Friday only)

    3. Free time online

    4. Snack and Learn

    5. Prize from Surprise Box











    I will be communicating on Class Dojo 3-5 times a week.  Please be sure to check it regularly.  If you are not already on Class Dojo, please e-mail me, and I can send you an invite. I will send invites to the phone number we have on file. 




    B. Microsoct Teams (NEW! this year!)

    We will be using Microsoft Teams this year. It will be the home for everything from Video Calls, assignments, quizes, and class communication to name a few things! Sounds cool, right?!

    You will not need to have an access code to join our class they will be automatically enrolled.

    Your student will access Microsoft Teams from their MCPS Desktop. Once on the desktop look for the orange icon that says Outlook 365!

    No worries...we will learn together! : ) 


     C.  Zoom (only if needed)

    5      5









    10          12          10  



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