Welcome to 3rd Grade Math and Science! 2020-2021


    Hello! As we continue to learn this year, I ask you to check class Dojo daily for updates and information.  We will be using Google Classroom for assignments.  Also visit Mrs. Waugh's web page for assignments in Reading and Social Studies.  The quickest way to reach me during normal school hours is through Dojo.  However, feel free to call the school or email me.  We will all get through this together.   


    (352) 671-6100

     Best time to call;  9:00-10:00


     Important Update!!

    All your new assignments will be done from our Google Classroom.  To log on, find and click the Google Apps tab at the bottom of your desktop page.  Then click the Google Classroom tab and join JUST your homeroom by using the two codes listed below.

    Mr. McGuire's code: vjn7hnc

    Mrs. Waugh's code: n5ln35x   


    You will find all your new assignment by clicking onto the classwork tab.