• Dear Parents and Students,


    As a student, I can remember waiting anxiously for grades and feedback from my teachers. As a teacher, I have always tried my best to be prompt in responding to students and parents whether it concerned grades, behavior or other support. With a 2nd grader and preschooler of my own, I can relate to how other parents often feel. It’s hard to turn your baby over to a stranger and hope your child is happy, healthy and academically challenged. I have experienced our educational system as a student, a teacher and now as a parent. With each passing year, these roles have changed me and made me not only a better person, but a better teacher.


    Over the past twelve years, I have had experience working with a variety of children ranging from five to fourteen years of age. As a teacher, my last ten years have centered on teaching fifth grade inclusion classes. Throughout my educational and teaching experiences, I have found that it is imperative to remember that each child is a special individual and comes to me with a unique background. Those external circumstances affect each student’s learning style and ability. To enhance learning, I believe teaching should be based on the essential skills currently clarified by the Florida Standards while centering on hands-on learning, real world application and having fun



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