🎶🎼Welcome to MUSIC 🎹 🎶 Ms. Rangel




    Welcome to the Wonderful World of MUSIC! 




    Please check out my Welcome Video:





    Classroom Expectations

    1. Make music and have fun – try your best

    2. Use kind words

    3. Show Respect to others – teacher and classmates

    4. Involve Yourself

    5. Care for our room and equipment

    6. Follow the BIG 3 – Do your best, Do what's right, Treat others the way you want to be treated



    1. Verbal reminder from teacher

    2. Time Out/ Thinking Time

    3. Phone call/email home and loss of DOJO points

    4. Discipline Referral



    ONLINE Assignments will be posted on:

                      *Microsoft TEAMS*

                                      *Assignments will begin the Week of 8/31


    1. Go to TEAMS

    2. There will be a MUSIC TEAM for each grade level (First Grade Music, 2nd Grade Music, etc.)

    3. Find the MUSIC TEAM for your grade level - complete the assignment for the week




    JUST FOR FUN: Check out these websites for some fun music making!










    Contact Information: 

    email: laurie.rangel@marion.k12.fl.us

    Phone/text: 352-462-3166