Welcome to Mrs. Hayes' Class! All subjects taught this year!!

  • General Assignments:



    45 minutes of i-ready math required per week

    I will be teaching with I-ready Math and Go Math

    Assignments in Go Math online through portal

    There will be math homework each week, given on Monday, due on Friday.


    I will be teaching with National Geographic, as well as AIMS activities and other experiments.  

    There will be required Stemscopes assignments (portal)

    There will be science homework each week, given on Monday, due on Friday.

    Social Studies:

    Socail Studies focus will be learning how to read maps, North America settlement, American revolution, Government, ad Western expansion.

    Assignments in Social Studies Weekly through portal

    There may be social studies homework, if so it will be given on Monday, due on Friday.



    Reading will taught through CKLA and I-ready reading.

    45 minutes of I-ready reading will be required each week (portal)

    Homework each week will consist of 20 minutes of reading, and responding to the book you read given choices.

    Homework may also include a comprehension, vocabulary or grammar sheet.

    Any homework will be given on Monday to be returned on Friday.


    Writing will be done through Topscore and i-ready writing.



    Monday - Art

    Tuesday - PE

    Wednesday - PE

    Thursday - Music

    Friday - PE