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    Student Early Check out

    Students may be signed out by an authorized adult (listed on the current emergency form) prior to 2:30pm each day. For students who are able to drive, the legal guardian must provide a signed note and copy of their driver's license for the student to sign themselves out. These requests can be hand delivered or faxed to the attendance office. Attendance Office Fax - 671-4706. You may also email the request to Amelia Godwin.



    Advanced Absence Request

    School Board Policy JED provides a means for parents/guardians to request in advance that their son/daughter be absent from school. The policy enables parents to seek an approved absence as a convenience for personal family matters (travel, emergencies) that cannot be scheduled at a time other than during school hours. 

    Please note: Absences are only approved for medical issues or for a student with good grades and good attendance previous to the intended absence.


    Students whose parents/guardians are requesting the approval of an advanced absence must complete the Advanced Request form and follow the steps below.

    1. Obtain an Advanced Request for Absence form from the attendance office. The form must be competed six (6) days prior to the absence.
    2. Students should have their teachers complete the scholastic status report and sign.
    3. Parents/Guardians must complete the top portion of the form. A statement requesting the advanced absence approval and an explanation for the absence must be provided.
    4. Student returns the completed form to the attendance office.
    5. Assistant Principal over attendance will approve/deny request.
    6. Student/Parent will receive disposition of advanced absence request the day following completion of steps 1-4 above. 


    Testing in Florida: Success Measures

    The Florida Department of Education has developed an online tool to help parents and families throughout the state learn about changes to our standards and assessments.


    This new resource, called Success Measures will provide parents and students with information on what is being taught and tested in our classrooms.


    Click to view more information on Success Measures


    Log on today to learn more about:

    • The materials students will be learning.
    • When and how students will be tested.
    • Why our assessment program is changing.

    Try these three easy steps to learn more:

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