• pmkFor the 2022-2023 school year we will continue to utilize the Pikmykid app for our dismissal procedures. 

    Morning Car Line Procedures

    The car line in the morning is a double car line. Care will begin to be unloaded beginning at 7:20 am. Once we start unloading students for the cars, the carline moves very quickly.

    Afternoon Car Line Procedures

    1:50pm - The pick-up car line is a single line. Pull your car all the way forward in line. Your car rider pick up sign should be clearly displayed in the front windshield. Student numbers from the car sign are entered into PikMyKid by a school staff member. When your car sign number is entered, a virtual car line is created that can be viewed in the classroom by the students. If your number does not get entered in the PikMyKid virtual car line, you are invisible to your child. Thus, cutting the line will actually slow the pick-up process down for your child. 

    2:05pm - Students are dismissed from their classrooms when their name appears on the PikMyKid queue in their classroom. When your child arrives at the breezeway, they will be placed in your car when it is safe. Please pull all the way forward in the lane so that we may load the maximum number of cars at a time. We will bring your child to you. When your child is safely loaded into the car, you may immediately exit the car line. Please use your mirrors for safety when you pull out of the car line. Cars should pull forward to fill in open gaps in the car line as cars exit.

    Please turn down loud music and hang up your cell phone upon entering the car line and stay off your phone until your child is loaded and you exit the school campus. 

    Florida Statute 316.306 prohibits the use of wireless communication in a school zone. Tickets will be issued to adults who are using their cell phones while in a school year. We need your full attention to protect the safety of our students and staff. 

    2:30pm - Any student who has not been picked up by this time will be taken to the front office. Parents must come inside to sign their child out. Please note that if you are late picking up your child, they may be placed in the Marion Afterschool Program. Parents will be responsible for paying the expense for the afterschool care.