• Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year at North marion High School! I will be teaching six sections of Pre-AICE English Language this year. As we all know reading and writing skills are essential to the growth and achievement of all students. This course is uniquely designed with the student in mind. Guided discovery is essential, and the prospect of growth is daily. Through technology, group activities, and analysis, students will contribute to a positive learning environment. Each student will be able to express creativity, foster growth, and evaluate real world experiences. These experiences will manifest a positive and productive citizen with content and character at the forefront.



    1st Period - 9:10-10:10 am 

    2nd Period - 10:15-11:05 am

    3rd Period - 11:10-12:35 pm

    4th Period - 12:40-1:30 pm

    5th Period - 1:35-2:25 pm

    6th Period - 2:30-3:25 pm


    Our school will be utilizing Canvas for our online learning this school year.  Here are the directions to get to Canvas:

    1. Log into your desktop


    2. Click on the Office 365 tile

    Office 365

    3. Find the Canvas logo and click on it.